Mosque to be built in Hereford

Muslims in Herefordshire are firmly on the way to building the county’s first mosque.

The Herefordshire Muslim Society has been renting the Kindle Centre for prayer for a number of years but feels it is outgrowing the space and needs a centre of its own.

The society has so far raised around £40,000 through individual donations. They aim to register as a charity and to find a suitable location in the centre of Hereford.

Despite the fact that the society has been getting on with its business peacefully for years, this move will be controversial.

So let’s lay our cards on the table: as anarchists we don’t believe in a god–whether a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever god–and we reject the teachings of their disciples on earth.

What’s more, religions have proved divisive and destructive and great atrocities have been committed by their followers throughout history.

Islam is no exception and the beginning of this century alone has seen Muslim fanatics commit numerous attacks on innocent people resulting in the death of thousands.

All religions have their lunatic fringes as well as the conservative movements that are discriminatory, intolerant and in some cases abusive. These must be opposed (including Hereford’s own).

Yet these people are in the minority and whilst a few sick and twisted nutjobs have been stealing the headlines, millions of other Muslims have been disgusted by what has been carried out in their name. The vast majority of followers–although believing in something we find hard to see any sense in–are peaceful and compassionate individuals.

Our objections to any realised mosque in Hereford–if any–must be based on genuine fact and not suspicion, idle gossip or a fear of something we don’t understand.

Intelligence and rationality are the order of the day here.

28 thoughts on “Mosque to be built in Hereford

  1. WTF? Sorry comrades, as much as I have thus far enjoyed the Heckler I feel compelled to respond to the really problematic nature of the piece ‘Mosque to be built in Hereford'(August 20th 2012 – Keith in Around the Shire).

    I quote, “intelligence and rationality are the order of the day here….” If so, why post a polemical defence of “tolerance”? The article seems to pander to the idea that “concern” about the construction of a mosque is legitimate and should be addressed. Therefore the article panders to the normalisation of the demonisation of muslims. But such demonisation, such “concern”, is nothing other than a xenophobic and racist construct, the kind of fiction spun by hatemongering tabloids like the Daily Mail to justify war in the middle east and beyond. Do the editors of the hEckler really need to convince their readership that Mosques aren’t dangerous? If so, the discussion groups aren’t working out too well are they?

    Further, isn’t the construction of a mosque just normal? There are over 2 million people in the U.K of Muslim faith. Would you write a similar piece about the construction of a Catholic church or a synagogue? Why not concentrate on engaging with those idiots that oppose it? I’m sure there must be an EDL presence in the local area and neighbouring areas that would be more worthy of your attention.

    There is also what can only be described as an overt and crude intellectual bankruptcy contained within the text.

    “religions have proved divisive and destructive and great atrocities have been committed by their followers throughout history. Islam is no exception and the beginning of this century alone has seen Muslim fanatics commit numerous attacks on innocent people resulting in the death of thousands.”

    Were not both Blair and Bush Christians? Are they not also responsible for divisiveness, destruction and atrocity?

    As I said at the top of the page, I really have enjoyed the Heckler both in print and online, so it is a shame to see such an ill considered piece in an otherwise smart journal that is avowedly anarchist. I write both as an atheist and an anarchist.

    • Thanks for the response, Richard. This is only a quick reply so excuse me if it seems curt.

      We don’t write for anarchists, only Herefordians. Can’t tell from your response whether you’re local or not but despite the national Muslim population, for a mosque to be built here is significant and worthy of an article like this. It’s certainly different from a Catholic church being built for example.

      I fail to see how this article–or issue–is racist or xenophobic. We will not unconditionally defend the construction of a mosque because there are many aspects of Islam that we thoroughly oppose. But this is a criticism of the religion (and religion as a whole) not of races or nations. Yes, Bush and Blair are both as guilty but this article is not about them. Do we need to go into huge detail about all the other Christian acts of aggression just in case someone thinks we’re being unfair to Muslims? And should we lay into Jews too if we’re talking about abuse within the Catholic church? This isn’t the BBC. As a regular reader of the Heckler you’ll also be familiar with our exposés of the Christian Freedom Church so you’ll see that we’re not suddenly jumping some the anti-Islam bandwagon; we’re critical of religion.

      Despite all of that: “The vast majority of followers–although believing in something we find hard to see any sense in–are peaceful and compassionate individuals.”

  2. islam preaches and carries out beheading for apostasy, public stoning and executions for adultery and homosexuality; see the recent video, first shown on Egyptian tv. We now have muslim vigilaties on the streets of London. Any, so called religious faith, that practices such intolerance, should not be welcomed in Hereford. So many muslims protest, but we are moderate here in Britain, rubbish, see what the muslim cleric anjem choudray says about gays, about barbaric punishments for leaving islam. The ultimate aim of islam in the uk is to impose sharia law as widely as possible. Sharia law belongs in the middle ages, it undermines womens rights, does not allow alcohol and is intolerant of other faiths. Anyone who doubts this should view the video of an apostate being beheaded by having his head sawn off with a carving knife; if you can face it, it is on google; is it real? yes it is, it was shown on Egyptian tv, where it caused a storm. The mans crime? he left the Islamic faith to become a Christian.It does not matter how much the muslims here protest, such barbaric behaviour springs directly from central tenants in the Koran. To welcome such a faith into Hereford would be akin to welcoming a neo Nazi group or, for that matter a group of Nazi’s. People of Hereford, if you don’t want the blight of intolerance in your lovely town, try contacting the freedom and law organisation that attempte to prevent the building of mosques. For anyone who thinks that this is sensationalising what is happening, read the accounts of muslim vigilantes in London, watch the videos and then decide. Wake up and see which way the wind is blowing. If you want your children and grand children to grow up in a democracy that is underpinned by BRITISH law; you need to act and you need to act now.

    • @Horrified, are you saying that the fellas at the Jalsagor are all Islamic nutters? That Muslim doctors at Hereford hospital are into beheading Chritians? That the lads at J-Mart want to rule the world?
      Have you ever been to Hereford?
      We have Christian fundementalists at Freedom Church spreading their vile rhetoric and targetting young vulnerable people. This is far more dangerous than allowing the small Muslim population in Hereford a place to worship.
      I’d rather there were no religous buildings in Hereford as they all preach nonsence, but if we are going to have Protestants, Catholics, Moroms, Christian Scientists, Quakers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc why not Muslims?

      • Hi
        You may note I do not say anyone is an Islamic nutter. The people of Shoreditch may have, 15 20 years ago, felt the way you do. Try walking in Shoreditch carrying alcohol. For young british women, try walking there wearing a mini skirt, you run the risk if being accosted and told that you are dressed like a whore. You may say the muslim vigilantes are simply extremists. I would say to you, that they are following what they have been taught in their mosque. Such manifestations, of radicalisation, are happening more and more frequently. This may be the tip of the iceberg. May I remind you, this is happening on the streets of London today.
        You have the, hard fought for, right of free speech. One of the reasons you have this right is the diminishment of all religious ideologies in the uk. I am against any ideology that threatens my and your right to free speech and free thinking. My question to you, is why would you seek to allow an ideology that is so intolerant of such rights. May I suggest that you look at the current persecution of gays and Christians in many Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia. I cannot condone any ideology that carries out public stoning for those who express their chosen sexuality. Sharia law has a punishment for witchcraft and sorcery and has used it in the 21st century, it practices the beheading of apostates, is this compatible with our democracy.
        I can almost hear you reply, but muslims here are moderate, well look at what muslim clerics here are saying, anjem choudray being just one example. Some writings of the Koran eg the hadith, do not allow for multiculturalism, to use its jargon, freemixing is not to be condoned. I you doubt this, read the Koran look at the hafdith. We only get glimpses of this, the burning of red poppies on remembrance day the chanting and placarding of a british soldiers funeral. They can tell you what they like, many muslims want sharia in the uk. If you think this is desirable – read it and make your own mind up.
        You have not, in Hereford, experienced the levels of hate and fear that are often prevalent in many british towns and cities today. For an unbiased, but disturbing flavour of this, watch the Stacey Dooley video on her return to her home town of Luton.
        The whole area of multiculturalism is fraught and complex. However, how about the notion that; whatever country you choose to live in, then you respect that countrys laws. We already have over 80 sharia councils in the uk, I do not want to run the risk that any law in any form and in any way, should undermine our british democracy that is underpinned by british law. There would be far fewer problems if islam allowed for genuine integration; it does not. It seeks to dominate wherever it can. Don’t believe it, look at the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Look at what is happening in Islamic states today.
        My father fought for freedom in WW2, I value that freedom. I do not want ANY aspects of it undermined or compromised by ANY religious ideology.

        • Horrified, you’re just repeating yourself now; it doesn’t look like you’ve really read the responses to your comment.
          We’re not disagreeing with you about the homophobic and misogynistic gangs in London. Nor some aspects of the quran. Nor Egypt. We’re on the same page here. These people are intolerant religious fanatics. As is Anjem Choudary, who, as a spokesperson for a radical right-wing ISLAMIST group, can’t be claimed as your typical Muslim! If any of these idiots were active in Hereford they would be challenged just like other religious and political extremists.
          The point is though that these idiots are not exclusive to—nor representative of—to Islam so we should fight against intolerance and bigotry of all faiths and colours. To single out just one is blinkered!
          And this ain’t London, Luton, Egypt or elsewhere. This is Hereford, a place you don’t seem to have any knowledge of. We’ve had Muslims worshipping here for years; never a problem. My learned friend above mentions a place called Jalsagor: it’s an Indian restaurant. They serve alcohol to girls in short skirts! Not a problem.

          • hi joe

            to answer your questions:

            I know Hereford very well, that is why I am writing, because I am concerned about it’s future.

            You need to understand that I am against all religious ideologies that seek to undermine the right to free speech and law underpinned by democratic principles. The reason that I have singled out islam, is because I am worried about it’s intrusion into areas of british life esp the law. Islam, what ever else, is underpinned by sharia law, this law is derived from the Koran and hadith. In islam many of the principles of this law are immutable and the word of Muhammad is inviolate. Sharia law courts are operating in britian today, best estimate is now 85, (Guardian 2012). To paraphrase Baroness Cox, often the rulings of such courts are as consensual as rape. (BBC 2012). In a recent survey, Gallup 2011, of 500 muslims questioned, over 70% said they wanted sharia law in Britain. In terms of beliefs and attitude; a gallup poll of 2009 of british muslims found that 71% of them had zero tolerance of homosexuality; furthermore they viewed it as a crime against god.
            As sharia law covers a vast ‘area’ only a few of it’s precepts can be considered here; In the case of divorce, the custody of children almost always revert to the father, regardless of the circumstances. Homosexuality is treated not only as a sin but a crime against god and is punishable by death. ( again I would ask you to look at the evidence; look at how homosexuality is dealt with in Saudi Arabia, by public stoning and execution etc ). Your reply might well be, couldn’t happen here. Well in many Islamic controlled states it does happen. To put it simply, I feel that any law that condones such abhorrent practices is not welcome in Britain or any other free thinking society. I believe that we are on a slippery slope, making concessions to sharia courts. Some, free thinking muslim women eg Gita Sakgal, have outlined some of the dangers of sharia; many women stay silent thru fear. Whatever muslims say, it is a fact that under sharia law women are not equal. In addition, there is much evidence or peer pressure within muslim communities, moderates are coerced by the more extreme.( the word of muhammad is inviolate, thus, to be a true believer one must follow his word. His word on homosexuals; if you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, then kill them). In such matters it is hard, if not impossible, for the moderates to behave in any other way than strictly orthodox: In brief, they cannot go against the word of the prophet. Also, consider the radicalisation of many young muslims and their now hostile stance towards western democracies.
            We fought long and hard for the rights of women and gays in Britain. We fought long and hard to abolish the death penalty. ANY other form of law, that goes against those principles, should not be allowed to practice in the uk. We have one form of law in this country and it should stay that way, one law for all and one law for one.
            On a different but ideologically related point, I would welcome your views on the practice of halal ritual slaughtering of animals. There is now a considerable body of evidence that it causes unnecessary levels of pain and suffering to animals; see Temple Grandin and The New Scientist and the FAWC report of 2009. Please, don,t take my word for it, watch the videos, on one I saw the poor animal was obviously conscious for at least 2 minutues after having it’s throat cut. Any form of slaughtering is unpleasant but at least proper stunning usually causes instant loss of awareness. In halal the animal is usually only stunned for about 20 seconds and is thus alive as it’s blood drains away. Both the RSPCA and Defra have stated that they would prefer it if the animal were fully and properly stunned. So why have we deferred to pressure and allowed full halal slaughtering. You can argue that the Jewish faith follows similar practices, yes I agree. My point is, I would BAN any religion that causes such suffering but now we have the situation where there is an increasing chance that you could be eating form such sources; simply because we have bowed to religious groups.
            You say to single one is just blinkered: I would reply, no other religious group is demanding and getting such dangerous concessions from the british state. It should be obvious that I am not of in favour of the edl and the like but equally, I am not in favour of any pressure group that seeks to undermine my rights to live in a modern democracy and to express my thoughts and feelings about ANY religion. Equally, I am not in favour of any religion that causes suffering to animals.The recent and continuing muslim protests about any perceived insult of their prophet should give you some idea about the level of fanantiscm. Argue against me, you are free to do so, insult the prophet and see what happens.

  3. Interesting points, Horrified. I’ve heard of the vigilante gangs that are active in London. Think they recently abused a gay guy in the East End didn’t they that was put on Youtube? That’s out of order! Obviously they’re right-wing dickheads that need putting in their place.
    Homophobic attacks are not really exclusive to Islam though are they? And with a lot of what you say above you seem to be confusing Islamism (the political movement with Islam (the religion). Islamists are really not that different to the EDL and BNP; all of which should be stamped on hard.
    But is Islam (the religion) much different to some or all aspects of Christianity? A lot of Catholics don’t really have a great view of gays or women do they?
    The point is though, like the article points out, Hereford’s Muslims have been around years. Ever had a problem with them? Ever even heard from them? We’re not taking about a few nutters (or a lot) in Egypt, we’re talking about Hereford. Got any facts about Hereford’s Muslims at all? Are they liberal or conservative? What are Hereford Muslims’ views on women and women’s rights and homosexuality? And do they want sharia law here?

  4. I agree with much of what horrified said. The intrusion of Islam, radical or otherwise, is reducing our right to free speech and free debate. Anyone who doubts this should read the recent article in the Independent. A debate on Islam and evolution, at the Imperial College London, had to be cancelled due to protests from ‘creationist’ muslim student groups. This at least indicates, that there are a considerable number of young radical muslims who are intolerant of anything that may challenge their religious ideology. Many of these muslim students had been educated in British unis but despite such education, were still prepared to block a free and open debate.
    Such behaviour should not be tolerated, we should never bow to such vitriolic and unreasoning pressure from any such group.

    • Islam hardly has monopoly on creationism though does it? And the fact that Muslims were allowed to protest the talk and get it cancelled kind of shows, in an ironic way, that freedom of speech still exists and has an effect.
      Remember the nutty Christian protests against punk rock in the 70s though? An infringement of their freedom of expression! What about the nutty Christian vicar who, in 2008, still supported a ban on the Life of Brian! Can I use these two examples to show that Christians are anti-free speech and a threat to our national freedom?

  5. I agree with much of what horrified said. Anyone who thinks that islam is a tolerant ideology should look at recent examples of muslim reactions; a British female teacher was arrested and JAILED for allowing a TEDDY BEAR to be called muhamaad., the proposed debate on islam and evolution, at Imperial College London, had to be cancelled due to protests from ‘creationist’ muslims. Islam does not allow free speech and once it has a majority it stamps on it very hard. That is one of the main points, they are, at present, a minority in the UK. If they ever become the majority you would lose the right to any free speech.
    As a non muslim, I can visit any religious centre in the world, except one, Mecca. Why not? Ask a muslim, you will not get a sensible or rationale answer.

  6. It must be terrible living with such fear and hatred.
    I pity you and your Daily Mail fueled anger.
    Luckily unlike you i DO live in Hereford, a town that will soon get a mosque.
    A town that will change little because of it.
    A town that doesn’t need folk like you stiring up shit.
    I suggest you spend a little less time on your computer and a little more time in you community meeting those same people you fear.

    • To concerned of Belmont.
      I don’t read the daily mail.
      I think what is terrible, is that the multicultural dream is over, look at the tension in many british cities and towns.
      Instead of simply coming back at me with such comments as you have; why not see what actually goes on in some mosques in Britain; watch the dispatches video, undercover mosque, made by channel four. This, if nothing else, shows how some muslims are being radicalised, with very extreme views, with amongst other media, direct video links to uhmans in Saudi Arabia.
      You may such video is biased, well this was tested when the police had to climb done and pay a hefty fine to channel four. I sincerely suggest, don’t take my word for it , watch the video; it can be viewed on liveleaks.

      • Oh for fucks sake, get a grip.
        Watch videos? Look at Saudi Arabia?
        I lived for years in Sparkbrook, Sparkhill & Moseley.
        Mosques everwhere, Pakistan flags all over the place.
        Not a bloody problem. I talked to my neighbors, them Sunni, me atheist. No worries.
        Muslims will never be the majority in the UK, we will never live under Sharia.
        BTW i work with people with mental health problems and i suspect you may be suffering from paranoia.

      • Who’s to blame for multiculturalism though, Horrified? Just Muslims? No, successive British governments.
        Why not also talk about child abuse that appears to be rife in Christian churches in the British Isles???

    • Well said. Funny how when Christians bomb and maim no one writes about their anxieties about the Christian brotherhood or boycotts America for fear of hell-fire, gun-toting evangelists. Let’s face facts, more people are killed in this country by their domestic appliances than by so-called Muslim terrorists. I am an atheist but I would say that it is a very easy argument to blame religion for suffering and bloodshed. Yes, different faiths in the hands of different leaders at different points in history have caused dreadful fear and suffering. And yes, many religious beliefs are in contradiction to UK law and what the Govt has enshrined in FBV e.g. arranged marriage, honour killings, but so too is the refusing medical treatment to your child because you are a Jehovah’s witness or being anti-birth control or being in a polygamous marriage. However, religions have and are doing amazing things worldwide to ease suffering and these people and groups are truly inspirational. I defend all people’s right to a faith – even when I personally do not share those faiths. And I will slap down intolerance, prejudice and poor education every time it raises its ugly little face.

  7. Horrified,

    We’re kind of going round in circles here. I get what you’re saying but still don’t understand why you’re only singling out Muslims here, since there’s sections of other religions that are equally as abhorrent. Not to belittle your concerns but my guess is there’s a little underlying racism in what you’re saying. And using irrelevant examples like stoning gays in Saudi Arabia … it’s bad and people in that country need to take action to stop it, but seriously, if this was found to be happening in the UK can you imagine the outcry and the action taken against the perpetrators!
    As for halal slaughter, I personally don’t eat meat so all slaughter to me is unnecessary, barbaric killing.
    You still can’t tell us why we have to be fearful of Hereford Muslims though, despite being repeatedly told they’ve been active, worshipping here for years. All they’re seeking is bricks and mortar of their own.
    How about this: you carry on trawling the nation’s blogs and websites ignoring the wrongs of other religions and political movements, and we’ll be colour-blind here and fight prejudice and injustice in whatever guise it shows itself? Believe me, if Muslims here ever did start stoning gays, abusing women, trying to impose new laws on people that didn’t want them etc. anarchists in Hereford would be among the first to condemn and combat them.

  8. Mosque anyone?

    Just in 2013; Boston Bombings, Liverpool rape gang, Christian girl of 13 gang raped by muslims in Eygpt, Oxford rape gang and girl of 12 gang raped in toilet in Luton. All acts committed by muslims of Pakistani and afghan heritage. A wonderful manifestation of the wonderful religion of peace, I-slam.

    All verified all checkable. Go ahead and check.

    Multiculturalism at its best: Mosque anyone?

    PC yourselves to death or wake up and see islam for the intolerant, dangerous ideology that it is.

    • You will have conveniently overlooked, Mr Wake Up, where this article states: “Despite the fact that the society has been getting on with its business peacefully for years…” Yes, Muslims have already been meeting and praying together here in Hereford for ages.
      And acts of child abuse are by no means restricted to Muslims only, you only need to look at what Operation Yew Tree is digging up to see that. Should we start branding all white, Christians abusers just because of what Stuart Hall etc. have been up to?

  9. I agree with everything Keith has said. We’ve gotta look at our world with kinder eyes and become more open minded. Yes, we have some idiots like Choudrey who march about pouring scorn on anything and everything that our Country and culture represents , but he and others like him are simply a small number of people who are idiots who are no different to our idiots who’s religious ideology has brought misery to our world. Of course, I have in mind our Tony Blair and from across the pond George Bush, both religious zealots who ain’t Islamic.
    Between that unholy pair, they’ve caused more misery than any home grown radicalised Islamic terrorist.
    We’ve all been socially engineered to be frightened. Minority groups like Muslims have been represented as our enemy. The media tap into this fear, a few buttons are pressed and all of a sudden we are no different to our German cousins who suddenly decided that the Jewish people were the reason for their economic misfortune.
    To achieve this national mindset, all that has to be done is to identify a minority group who are different. Then, having done that, convince everyone that ‘they’ are to blame. Then, the Government of the day acts to please the people and anyone who objects gets shouted down and branded unpatriotic. That’s how you start a civil war of ideas and some of us are well on the way toward this mindset that we should be frightened.

  10. Interesting exchange. I have to admit i have misgivings about the way we’re accommodating Islamic preferences and priorities. In particular, in allowing the proliferation of Sharia Councils, we are denying vulnerable sections of the Muslim community itself, mostly women inevitably, the protection and equity of the law. I’m also concerned by the rhetoric of politicians like Shahid Malik, Tony Blair’s development minister, who publicly anticipated the day we would have a muslim prime minister. I judge things by their fruits and what I see does not reassure me.

    Unfortunately Islam has a track record of preaching peace and tolerance while it’s in a minority and then destroying it when it gets the chance and democracy has the seeds of its own destruction. That said, this genie is out of the bottle. Most muslims are decent law abiding people as entitled to practice their religion as much as the rest of us. Our only chance of preserving democracy and such liberties as we have left is by promoting a policy of integration and fairness under the law and that means allowing Muslims to build mosques however bizarre and incongruous it might seem in Hereford.

  11. Some good points Amanda. However, perhaps we should learn from history and current situations. Islamic ideology is fundamentally adverse to true integration, it seeks domination. Look at isis in Iraq and compare with the rise of Islam in current Islamic states. Read the Koran, verses 2:191 to 193 are good examples: Jihad is one of the ultimate aims proglumated by Mohammad himself. It is estimated that at least 500 UK muslims have gone to wage holy war in Iraq and Syria. Have a look at how they wage that war, beheadings, summary executions, the language of civilised law does not appear in their lexicon. Ask yourself why have they gone? Look at their early education and later indoctrination for some answers.
    Many prominent and intelligent people, Churchill, Burgess and Voltaire, to name a few, recognised the danger and brutality of Islam.
    If you allow the building of a mosque you are on the slippery slope of censorship of free speech, religious freedom and curtailing of the rights of women and gays. It is not an exaggeration, consider the case of Mariam Ibrahim, the Sudanese women sentenced to death for apostasy. Yes, the case has attracted attention in the west but how many don’t we hear about? Just think about it, a woman sentenced to death simply for her religious beliefs and forced to give birth in prison.. Would this occur in any western democracy, not. Add Boko Haram, Isis etc and ask yourself can you appease such fanatics, without awful consequences, no you cannot.
    Only moderate, undemanding muslims in Britain? BS, Sharia law has effectively been enshrined by the British legal system: Its the tip of the iceberg. They will seek more concessions until our way of life is undermined. I have no wish to be reduced to dhimmi status. Have a look at the track record of Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets. Consider the recent case of Islamic governorship in the Birmingham schools etc etc.
    If you doubt any of the above, just ask which ideology is causing the most death, destruction and suffering in the world today.
    The genie is not totally out of the bottle, Charles Martel had the right idea of what action to take.#
    I am not interested in relativistic debates about creationism and the crusades, I do not feel threatened by Christians or Buddhists etc but I do feel threatened and horrified by Islam and it mindless intolerance.
    Apols but Tony Blair and his encouragement of so called multiculturalism, his war on WMD and his total hypocrisy make him, IMHO, a complete and utter b*******.

  12. I am a Hereford born and bred British Muslim. I attended a prominent Church of England based school in Hereford and attended daily Chapel, monthly Eucharist and yearly carol service. My parents have served many a Indian takeaway’s and delivered indian food to a vast proportion of the Hereford population and many have thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I now work as a Doctor at Hereford County Hospital and take pride in looking after my local Hereford community.
    My family and I live peacefully in and amongst our Herefordian friends and neighbours and joyously deliver cards and presents during Christmas as well as samosas and onion bhajis during the Muslim festivities of Ramadan and Eid.
    We are an example of Herefordian Muslims and do not wish to cause intimidation or fear amongst our fellow Herefordians.

  13. to SR

    Islam is causing more pain, death and sorrow than any other ideology in the world today. So many people seem surprised when muslims are ‘radicalised’. Lets simplify the analysis, the Koran encourages jihad, it is seen as a noble concept. There are over 100 verses in the Koran that encourage violent struggle against unbelievers, one example; 8:12, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”. When you teach children, better say indoctrinate them, into the ways of islam, why are we surprised when so many are prepared to commit atrocities in the name of allah, it is what they have been taught from a young age; the Koran – seen as absolute truth, it is the word of god and you will live by it.

    Your samosas and bhajis may be very tasty but your ideology is dangerous and does not belong in the modern world. If you are a true free thinking man, would you be willing to denounce the Koran and its messages of violence and persecution.?

    I look forward to your reply.

    My sympathies and condolences go out to Alan Hennings family. The British aid worker murdered by the Islamic State.

  14. Now the Paris attack, can anyone believe that I-slam is a religion of peace. Islam is a cancer / plague and now seeks, thru fear, to stymie free speech.

    Anyone who values freedom, needs to wake up and see the threat posed by I-slam. Sometimes freedom has to be fought for. To paraphrase Churchill, never, never give up freedom. Use the evidence, the attacks in Paris, the genocide in the middle east and the murdering of jews in France. I-slam is a plague and we must stand up to it. Most muslims are indoctrinated / brainwashed to believe in the Koran. Not all muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims.
    Stop appeasing, stop retreating and stand up for free speech and freedom.

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