Morris dancers branded racist for black face disguise

Morris menMorris dancers were accused of racism last month after they were confronted by shoppers during a performance in Birmingham city centre.

Dancers had blackened their faces in-line with the Border Morris tradition but had to abandon their performance due to continued heckling.

The men explained the practice had nothing to do with racism but was in fact based on a tradition—local to Herefordshire and surrounding areas—of blackening the face with charcoal as a method of disguise that dated back to the 15th century.

Explanations were not enough and the incident caught the attention of regional and national news outlets.

The use of black face make-up by Morris dancers has even been banned by Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

There are, unfortunately, many genuine instances of racism in daily life that need addressing and eradicating. But political correctness on this level is ridiculous and diminishes the seriousness of real discrimination.

One thought on “Morris dancers branded racist for black face disguise

  1. How sad that the ignorant pc brigade heckle such traditional folklore.
    I saw these dancers in Llanwrtwd Wells during one of the green festival
    Events. It was a delight to behold and all present just enjoyed the dance
    For what it was. I noted also that there were people of all nationalities
    clapping cheering and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
    Hint to the dancers, keep doing what you are doing it’s far from racism.

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