Free rent for Waitrose or free meals-on-wheels?

Heartless council bosses have raised the price of their meals-on-wheels service by more than 50%.

Each meal will now cost a staggering £4.70—up from £2.80—affecting more than 300 people in the county.

This comes as Herefordshire Council are also increasing the cost of home care and its associated transport service.

Trying to dodge the blame Cllr Patricia Morgan, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said that the rising cost of care is something the whole of society needs to talk about … yeah, an issue the rest of us need to busy ourselves talking about whilst the member for stone hearts carries on and raises the prices regardless.

The meals-on-wheels service had been subsidised by the council but they now say it can longer be provided at the same price. Which, if we’re being realistic, sounds fair enough; food prices have risen steeply in recent years. But incomes haven’t.

Our basic maths tell us the council would need to find around £500,000 a year to keep this service going. Well for a start, they could get rid of their glossy bog roll, which would save a bit.

But what would’ve really made a difference would’ve been to not ‘waive’ a sum of £500,000 just a couple of months ago!

And maybe it’s high time people like Cllr Morgan really weighed up the social cost of allowing successful businesses like Waitrose free rent on the old cattle market site when our own pensioners are literally struggling to put food on the table.

That’s the same Waitrose (owned by John Lewis Partnership) who turned over £8.73 billion in 2011–2012. We’re pretty sure they don’t need any financial assistance from Herefordshire Council. But hard-up pensioners really do.

One thought on “Free rent for Waitrose or free meals-on-wheels?

  1. Why are local residents giving their money to this criminal organisation, it’s nothing more than extortion. They are no different to the Mafia demanding protection money.
    Your money does not fund public services at all, it lines the pockets of the fat cats that run this criminal syndicate.
    For gods sake wake up people. As grantor of your public trust, that makes the government the trustees and therefore liable for any costs/debts. You owe them diddly squat.

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