Mayday! Mayday!

On Sunday May 1st marchers gathered in the Hereford sunshine to commemorate International Workers’ Day and protest against government spending cuts.

Protesters gathered in Merton Meadow car park shortly after12 o’clock, before leaving for High Town. En route to the Shire Hall rallying point, activists staged a quick passing visit and picket of Vodafone, a store recently targeted during sit-in protests in the city. This was done to highlight the company’s £multi-billion tax avoidance, at a time when this money could be used to compensate for the harsh cuts being made by the government.

After successfully temporarily closing the shop, the marchers moved on to the steps of the Shire Hall. Speeches were given by Hereford Solidarity League, the Green Party and Anarchist Federation, speaking about the history of Mayday, the unnecessary cuts and building on the common ground that we have in the anti-cuts movement to defeat the government’s plans. Speakers from Bristol also gave a short talk on the recent campaign against Tesco in Stokes Croft.

Following this, protesters briefly returned to High Town, holding pickets once again outside of Vodafone, before moving on to the Boots and TopShop stores. Again, this was done in protest of the tax avoidance of these companies, as regularly outlined by the UK Uncut group.

This was the first time that local Greens and Hereford Solidarity League had shared a platform together in the city. We hope that we can build on this and make links with other local groups, to create a strong anti-cuts movement in the area.

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