Malvern Water to close

Multi-national Corporation, Coca-Cola, have been slammed after announcing the closure of the Colwall-based bottling plant of the famous ‘Malvern Water.’

The company has said that the plant will close next month, as it is “too small to compete in today’s mass market.” 17 full time jobs are to be lost, and a 100-year-old tradition will come to an end as operations cease at the plant.

Jennie Formby, national officer for the Unite union said that, “These workers and their families have been disgracefully treated by Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE). The company obviously made its mind up long ago about their futures yet sat on their decision until a good day to bury bad news came along.

“We are really concerned now for these workers and are determined that CCE does right for them in redundancy. This is a sad and shameful way to end a proud 100-year tradition in Malvern, but it will also serve to remind British consumers that multi-nationals rarely care for the regional products we’re proud of and rarely have local communities’ interests at heart.”

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