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Freedom newspaper, the UK’s longest running anarchist paper, is changing from a fortnightly to a monthly publication. From October we will be producing a 24 page (8 full colour pages) monthly edition with new sections, features, and an improved format. The price will be £2 a copy.

The aim is to become an essential voice of the anarchist movement, promoting UK anarchism, broadening out the range of topics to connect with a growing readership (additional sections will include sport, art, interviews, lifestyle) and reporting on the important issues of the day from a radical perspective.

Given the unprecedented social and political conflict of the past year (where people are openly defying government and the state)  there hasn’t been a better time to engage with people about anarchist ideas, offering up alternative viewpoints and spreading a more revolutionary political agenda. Today being an anarchist resonates with positive recognition and we see Freedom as part of that tradition.

To go with the new format we are looking for new writers, fresh ideas and people to get involved in the production of the paper and to help increase distribution and sales.

Writing for the paper

Freedom is always looking for people to write for the paper. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to get your ideas, thoughts and opinions into print and out into the real world, it also offers a chance to develop and refine your writing skills, report on the activities you are involved in, or promote the group you are a member of. We accept any original articles as long as they are politically relevant and informative, interesting or entertaining.

  • Deadline for articles the first monthly issue: Sept 15th. Contact the editor at Email: for more details, or to submit articles.

Making Freedom a movement paper
The more people have access to, read about, or are made aware of, anarchist ideas, the more those ideas begin to seep into people’s consciousnesses and the more ‘normalised’ they become.

The role of Freedom is to be a voice for the anarchist movement – a vehicle for disseminating anarchist ideas/information to a wider audience along with documenting social issues from a radical perspective. There are several excellent anarchist group propaganda papers, but there is no general nationwide anarchist news outlet other than Freedom. This puts us in a unique position and gives us a distinct advantage and selling point. The purpose of the paper is to promote and advertise the activities of UK anarchist groups and to act as an entry point for people new to or curious about anarchism/and anarchists.

Reaching new audiences
With the politicisation of a new generation – the student movement, anti-cuts movement, inner city unrest, there is an upsurge in questioning how society works, the politics that drives it and different ways to explain it. Freedom is ideally placed to be part of the commentary within the current political discourse. And with the extended format and extra pages we can expand the range of topics – cultural, social and political, to engage a wider range of people.

Active involvement
As well asking people to contribute creatively to the paper we also need to be able to promote, sell and distribute Freedom. This could be done in a variety of ways from the very simple things – linking to, and forwarding on, articles from the website, or suggesting places that would stock the paper, to actively selling the paper in your area, on demonstrations, at events or in your workplace.

Financial support
It’s no secret that part of the motivation for the change was for financial reasons. The current economic climate while politically rich for revolutionary fervor is financially draining for Freedom Press. The paper has always lost money on its production but we are determined that Freedom continues as a credible anarchist voice out on the streets. We ask people to consider making donations in support of the paper.

What’s in it for me?
Why should anarchists, radicals and interested parties spend their time and energy contributing either creatively, physically or financially, to the paper? What’s in it for you?

Well, beyond what has already been said there is:

  • knowing you have the potential to reach thousands of people on a regular basis
  • the kudos of writing for a unique anarchist institution – the paper Kropotkin started
  • free expression to comment on, address issues about or report back from activities or events you are involved in or passionate about
  • a format to flex your creative muscle – writing something worth reading, creating debate and adding to the rich history of anarchist discourse
  • free advertising for your group or activity
  • strengthening the propaganda tools of the anarchist movement
  • contributing to the greater visibility of anarchists and the anarchist movement

To get involved, or to submit articles contact the editor at Email: or write to:

Freedom newspaper
Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7QX

  • We will be having a Freedom double launch special on Saturday 1st October at Housmans bookshop to promote the new edition of the paper as well as a brand new Freedom Press publication Wildcat Keeps Going by Donald Rooum.

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