Long live the Bulls!

Bulls DartfordIt’s hard to be a Hereford United fan at the moment. Flirting with administration, staff redundancies and struggling at the bottom of the Conference is enough to get anyone down.

Surprisingly though there has been a ray of light coming out of the gloom at Estadio Edgar and that is the dedication shown by supporters.

More than once this season the supporters have been called on to dig deep when funds have dried up. This has included paying extra at the turnstiles during a difficult Christmas period and donating money to avoid the winding-up order in January. We should be proud of what we the supporters have done and will do to save our club.

If the threat of administration does materialise and we are relegated we, the supporters, will still be here. Directors and players come and go but fans stay loyal.

The determination to ensure the longevity of the club has been shown by the formation of the Hereford United Supporters’ Trust. The trust has been set up to “provide a strong, pro-active, and independent voice for all supporters of Hereford United”. Their first major act has been to register the Edgar Street stadium as an Asset of Community Value, ensuring that supporters will have a say if the ground ever comes up for sale.

At times like these it’s far too easy to criticise the board, the manager or the players. Let’s just be glad that we are doing our bit and will continue to do so. Come on you whites!

3 thoughts on “Long live the Bulls!

  1. Instead of being constantly asked to ‘dig deep’ in your pockets to get your club out of its seemingly endless financial mires, why not turn to your richest supporter (old Etonian, successful political writer and the Parliamentary member for Hereford & South Herefordshire) and get him – or his multi-millionairre dad – to divi up?

  2. The club has been ruined by a bunch of patronising middle-aged Tory toffs. They should sling their hooks sharpish or the club will cease to exist. Fans are apathetic, some needs to stand up and lead a revolution. KEYTE OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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