Lock up your councillors, WE’RE BACK!

Just when Herefordshire’s rich and powerful had breathed a sigh of relief, convincing themselves we were finished, we return from the dimly-lit, underground meetings to declare… We’re back!

Although in truth we never really went away. The Heckler is changing and over the past few months we’ve been taking a leisurely break to plan the next step; a desire to be something more than a four-page, bimonthly newsletter meant thinking about new formats, options and this was best without the pressures of a deadline.

So here we are, in our fifth year, launching a new website, which will see the publication move from a bimonthly printed newsletter to a more regular online magazine.

As well as the usual anarchist news and views from around the county, we will be expanding our sport coverage and introducing a new culture section, featuring film, music and Herefordshire life in general.

We also welcome a new batch of writers to the Heckler–some of the county’s best and most influencial–to add to our usual group of malcontents.

So expect to see the Heckler less often in print, but keep your eyes on the new website for regular updates, news and views from around the county.

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