Road plan results in more job losses

Council leader John Jarvis has this week bagged another 10 bloodied scalps in his quest to build the ESG link road.

Hereford’s newspaper distributor Smiths News has announced it will be relocating to Gloucester to make way for the road, which will link Edgar Street to Commercial Road.

Ten people will be made redundant.

This comes on top of Rockfield DIY and other Barrs Court Trading Estate redundancies, fully or in part due to council demands to relocate.

But one mighty boulder still stands in the path of the council’s steamroller: the sorting office. And Royal Mail are being admirably obstinate.

It’s a shame that Smiths News, which is sheltered by the Royal Mail site, could not’ve been a little bit stubborn itself to protect the jobs of its employees (or perhaps this is giving them the excuse they need to do a little cost-cutting/profit-boosting of their own).

Throughout this link road development process the council have given next to no protection for workers. The options many businesses are given for relocation have often been unsuitable; ‘get out the way fast or we will crush you’ is the advice offered to many.

This £27m road continues to wreak maximum damage, and Smiths News will not be the last casualty.

John Jarvis’ pile of skulls must be getting pretty high.

4 thoughts on “Road plan results in more job losses

  1. Well is’nt this bloody typical. That its come to this! In the year two thousand and thirteen, in our desire and need to be seen to embrace difference and diversity, we tippy toe into a voting booth, take hold of our soft leaded pencil and vote for a man who clearly has a mouth full of blood dripping teeth that frankly are a disgrace to modern dentistry.
    There was a time, not many years ago when a man or a woman, both sexes can suffer poor dental health, would’nt have even considered seeking office with a mouth like his.
    In Gods name! I mean, what we’re we thinking. If that man turned up at your front door asking to borrow a bowl of sugar and a small measure of Barley bread for his three hand reared ferrets you’d be the first to shout, ‘Sod off Jarvis or I’ll call the Constable.’
    As for the revelation from Keith that Jarvis collects skulls, I didn’t see that one coming. I hadn’t thought of that and its a worry!

  2. Keith is ‘right on the money’ when he says that Royal Mail are being admirably obstinate. A little bit of background now, folks, if you’ve got the time. It’s not (as is commonly thought) the RM Sorting Office that the Jarvis cohorts have got their eyes on, it’s the giant car park in front of their giant white shed. And that’s no ordinary car park either. As well as accomnmodating 120+ RM vans overnight and a similar number of posties’ cars during the day, there are several huge underground fuel tanks. The appaling Link Road (if it ever gets built) would slice right across this space. In its wisdom, Hereford Futures (the council’s so-called ‘development arm’) has suggested to RM that it will (at its own expense) buy a slice of Jewson’s yard and construct a facsimile car park for RM and arrange for a seemless weekend transfer (stop sniggering at the back!).

    Understandably, RM are considerably underwhelmed by this offer, coming, as it does, from a company which would be hard-pressed to organise a piss-up in a brewery!

  3. A friend recently wrote a most cordial letter of enquiry to Hereford Futures, vis-a-vis the need to disrupt the posties’ car park.

    ‘Did you ever get in touch with Morrisons (he asked) and offer to buy a smidge of their vast car park, so’s you could deftly build your road without touching Rockfield DIY or the RM land? I am perfectly happy’, says my peace-loving mate, ‘for you to treat this enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act’.

    The abrupt reply he received from Hereford Futures CEO (in essence) said: “Sod off, Leftie, we’re not covered by the FoI and, in any case, we never divulge who we talk to ’cause of commercial confidentiality’. So there!”

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