TUPSLEY BY-ELECTION WATCH: Lib Dems running campaign of lies

Lib Dem liesOne of two things is happening in the minds of the Lib Dems: either they think they’re fighting a general election campaign and their guy is going to be the next MP; or they’re deliberately deceiving members of the public with irrelevant statistics that they think will work in their favour.

In both of their leaflets supporting ‘local’ candidate, Duncan Fraser (who actually lives up Moor Farm/Whitecross), they print figures from the 2010 general election that claim it’s a two-horse race between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

Time and again they repeat the message that “only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories. Voting for anyone else will let them get away with it,” and “it’s the Tory cabinet or local champion, Duncan Fraser”.

It’s not. In the last local election in Tupsley ward in 2011 (not 2010!) the Lib Dems were lagging way behind the Tories and It’s Our County in third place, with less than 20% of the vote.

That the Liberal Democrats feel they can lead a campaign based on lies and deception just shows how much contempt they have for the people of Tupsley. It’s an insult to our intelligence.

Conservative candidate, Jason Kay, has been round again to remind us all that he has no ideas for Tupsley at all, he’s just no-mark put up to make up the numbers and help boost Tory power in the council. His second leaflet mentions the word Tupsley three times: once to explain who he is, once in an email address and once in his Twitter name.

Despite standing as a Conservative candidate, he twice mentions that he’s “an independent spirit”. Like fuck he is.

We find out he’s committed to three things:

1. “Hereford has fantastic natural heritage … let’s make the most of it.” How? He doesn’t say.

2. “Safer roads … with a culture of equality and respect.” Don’t laugh, we think he’s being serious.

3. “It’s our money, and I will make sure we get the best value for it.” More bullshit.

All this leaves It’s Our County and their follow-up leaflet that needs only announce Cath North’s “great work for Central Tupsley Community Group: finalists in the Pride of Herefordshire awards 2013”.

They don’t even have to try.

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