Leominster’s foodbank needs your help

Tinned foodDemand for foodbank provisions across Herefordshire continues to grow with Leominster’s community larder running short of basic foodstuffs.

The larder is appealing for tins of meat, soup, vegetables and puddings as well as jam, long-life milk, sugar and coffee.

Donations can be left at the community centre on School Road and Forbury Chapel, Church Street in the mornings only.

‘Starving people in Herefordshire need your help’ sounds like a third-world style appeal doesn’t it? Ridiculous even. Yet, that’s the reality. People in our county are facing such hardship they have to rely on food handouts to survive.

Data released last year showed how cases of malnutrition in England had almost doubled over a three-year period from 2008/09–2011/12, coinciding with the dramatic increase in the cost of living.

A permanent solution is needed and yet again we see another example of how capitalism’s volatility causes nothing but hardship and misery for working class people at the sharp end.

How shocking that people are still going hungry in a world of plenty.

3 thoughts on “Leominster’s foodbank needs your help

  1. Complete rubbish! Don’t get sucked into this article.

    People used to have choices and Years ago food came first but now it’s the latest iPhone or big tv.

    If immigrants can come here to get work to make there lives better than so can everyone else!

    Food banks are plasters that cover up the wounds!

    Most people using food banks are because of benifit reforms by this goverment (ons statistics).

    No excuses really works out there and if you don’t like it then tough ! That’s what happens in America and every other country as I’ve travelled the world!!

  2. I’m shocked at the previous comment by ‘The truth.’ No doubt there are some people with no sense of money management who put the latest technology as a need in front of food and other essentials. But it’s it OK to let their children go hungry because of their parents’ inadequacies?
    And yes, lots of the people being food banks need them because of benefit reforms…but they still need them. Whilst (I hope) people like you are out there lobbying the government to change some of their ridiculous bureaucracy, there are still those who are hungry. Just this week at the food bank, we had an older lady who, after losing her job due to long term I’ll health, has managed to get a new job. She will have to work for the first 4 weeks before being paid which is standard. But the government have kindly stopped her housing benefit the minute she got her job and the rent now needs paying. This lady had used all her moneyto pay the rent and then had nothing left for food. Do you think we shouldn’t help her?

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