Ledbury Superstore Protest

Up to 150 people joined a protest against the planned Tesco superstore in Ledbury last Thursday (18th).

The large crowd gathered at the Market House in the town centre to hold a ‘silent lobby’ of a meeting by Ledbury Town Council. The newly renamed ‘Ledbury Opposes Out of Town Superstores’ protest group called the lobby with only a few hours notice.

Earlier last week Sainsbury’s announced plans to build another supermarket across the road from the planned Tesco store on Leadon Way.  Traders and some local residents argue that the planned store will take trade away from already struggling shops in the town centre.

Rich Hadley from LOTS, who oppose both planned superstores, said the group was “fighting for the soul” of the town.

Councillors voted in favour of holding an independent survey on the possible economic impact of the superstores, and also voted to hold a public meeting at which Sainsbury’s would face questioning from local residents.

To find out more about the campaign against the superstores, go to the LOTS facebook page.

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