Labour have no clue about Leominster

Prior to the general election, the Labour party has announced the candidate they will be standing for the Leominster constituency, a previously unheard of Neil Sabharwal. And as per usual, Labour have got things disastrously wrong. Sabharwal, a Cambridge graduate who studied economics, is a former financial analyst for global company Ebay and lives in London where he continues to operate within the business world, presumably in between fighting the  struggles of the working man.

Sabharwal’s selection only further proves how out of touch Labour is with the people of this country, especially in rural areas such as ours. Leominster faces poor education from the sub-standard Minster College, people facing  unemployment after Skymark shut down, plus possible job losses in the future at Cadbury, so Labour select a filthy rich Cambridge graduate from the City, a guy who has no idea how people in a small market town live their life, and what problems they face. The only alternative Leominster faces is the dominant Conservatives, headed by the obnoxious Bill Wiggin, a man so insultingly ignorant of real life that he called workers fearing for their jobs “whingers”. Given the choice between a ranting toff and a wealthy City boy, it’s no wonder that fringe parties such as the BNP are winning votes from disillusioned working class voters who believe that none of the major parties care about them.

Rather than wanting to make Leominster and the surrounding area a better place, for politicians like Neil Sabharwal, this election is just one big job interview.

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