Kind-hearted Waitrose help city’s dire supermarket shortage

Posted on July 11th, 2012 by Keith in Around the Shire

This week, Waitrose has officially agreed to help alleviate Hereford’s chronic supermarket shortage by opening up a new store at the old cattle market building site.

The store will become the first Waitrose (God bless their souls) in the city, offering shoppers a different set of four walls in which they can buy the same old potatoes.

Nigel Keen, Waitrose director of development, said: “We are committed to delivering a quality, food-focused supermarket – a first for Hereford I believe – that will increase the choice of shops and services available for people who still have a secure job and disposable income.”

The news of Waitrose’s commitment follows Hereford Futures’ other achievements to date, which might see the arrival of a Debenhams and maybe a host of other retailers and restaurants.

Alistair Shaw of developers Stanhope said: “Today is an historic day for middle class people all over St James, Broomy Hill and some of Whitecross. It is great that Waitrose has formally committed to Hereford and we are delighted to add them to a potential line-up of retail, dining and leisure names.

“Despite challenging retail conditions across the country, the commitment being shown by leading national names is evidence of real confidence in Herefordshire Council’s skill and ability to give money away unconditionally. As they say, if you throw enough shit at the wall, eventually something will stick.

“Hopefully this development will serve as a key driver to draw more visitors and shoppers from the wider county and beyond, strengthening my job security and my company’s future as a whole.”

Cllr John Jarvis, chief apologist for Hereford Futures and leader of Herefordshire Council added: “These are exciting times for my career as the pieces of the jigsaw finally start to come together. A healthy city economy means an increased chance I’ll get re-elected and I’m delighted Waitrose has committed itself to Hereford.”

5 Comments on “Kind-hearted Waitrose help city’s dire supermarket shortage”

  1. Steve GS

    Well – if you don’t want them in Hereford, we’ll swap you our lousy Tesco in Ledbury!

    Which? reckoned Tesco and Co-op were the worst two supermarkets in the UK in their last supermarket review – and guess which two we’ve got in Ledbury. Waitrose came out top, with Lidl and Aldi not far behind. From the sublime to the ridiculous?

  2. Shop local

    Surely they are all rip off bastards,
    Unfortunatly though, with the rising cost of living, they are becoming essential,

  3. e george

    Very good news wont have to travel into wales for good food

  4. Amanda Martin

    Inspired – thank God for satire

  5. RL Willott

    I must admit that I have never found a better loaf than the Doves Farm wholemeal that Waitrose’s sell. I have even gone from Hereford to Monmouth just to buy a loaf. There is certainly a lack of a first class baker in Hereford. The best I have found is beyond Ledbury.

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