‘Jesus burgers’ and Tory councillors: The new Freedom Church strategy?

In what looks to be another effort to increase their stranglehold on Hereford, two Freedom Church pastors could be about to open a burger restaurant in the city.

Jon Johnson

Tory candidate, Jon Johnson

Josh and Rosie Snowzell are listed as directors of a Bromleys Hereford Burger Limited, incorporated in June 2014, and are rumoured to be in talks with Old Market Hereford.

The Heckler has heard from a source closely linked to the project that architects are involved in drawing up layout plans for a restaurant at the new shopping complex.

Old Market Hereford have refused to either confirm or deny these rumours.

In a separate development Freedom Church is also claimed to have put forward candidates for the local elections.

A leaflet, allegedly published by the church, states “vote for Conservative Jon Johnson, let’s vote for Hereford Freedom Church”.

Johnson had been a Freedom Church employee until 2014 and both he and his wife continue to be connected to them. He was announced as the Conservative candidate for Wormside, a south Herefordshire ward including the villages of Kingstone, Allensmore and Kilpeck.

Another Conservative candidate, Mark McEvilly, standing in Hereford’s Saxon Gate ward, is another council hopeful found to be closely linked with the church.

Jon Johnson leafletMcEvilly’s proposer and seconder, Allen and Sue Carter, are also Freedom Church supporters. Allen is employed by the televangelist Christian Broadcasting Network, which has its European office based in Hereford. All other eight of his candidacy nominees either have links to Freedom Church itself or other similar style Christian organisations.

Charity rules ban organisations like Freedom Church from getting involved in politics. Expressing support for a particular party or candidate is explicitly forbidden.

If these revelations are more than an extremely coincidental set of circumstances, then it represents a worrying development in the church’s dominant aspirations. In the past senior members have sat on the board of governors at Whitecross high school, and been involved in the delivery of youth and social services with their 2XL programme. They are potentially now not only expanding their business activities but moving into politics as well.

Freedom Church’s quest for global growth is openly documented with their 10/04 programme that is hoping to establish a further 10 churches around the world in the next four years. What is not open is the links they have being closed doors in Herefordshire.

They are becoming a powerful public and private network involved in business, politics and social care. You only need to look through press reports, and indeed videos of their own sermons, to realise the religious message they preach is ugly and extremist.

10 thoughts on “‘Jesus burgers’ and Tory councillors: The new Freedom Church strategy?

  1. There is a lot more of them running for council than just the 2, they are trying to take over the council and the Conservative party. They are all ready taking over schools and the social service department don’t vote conservative

  2. In the nick of time you’ve covered this story – hope loads read it and take note of the first comment

    • To read more instalments on the Freedom Church pop over and have a look at Hereford Voice (not the Facebook page).

      Johnny Jones perhaps you would like to comment on Hereford Voice you are obviously well informed on the Freedom Church’ s activities within the schools and Social Services

  3. The fact of the matter is the people that run these churches are very wealthy and own a surprisingly lot of land around here.

    Wouldn’t trust them one bit, especially in this day and age!

    So if God is real then why do Adam and Eve have tummy buttons lol? And why your thanking God for your meal thousands of people around the world have just starved to death.

    • Very clever selling ploy I could not watch it all.

      Is that why one of the Snowzell sons wears a GET RICH tee shirt?

  4. Knew of John Snowzell & his clan some 20 years back & was very suspicious then, a dubious lot. In recent years they have been warned by Hereford police over recruiting church members at school gates. As in, let’s bypass the parents & offer nice incentives to the kids when they come out of school. Who is the county councillor responsible for protecting children from groups such as this??

  5. Wow, politics and religion in one easy to swallow pill!! Great news, let’s support them to gain power, and then bring them crashing down… Two birds, one stone??!!

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