Jesse and Bill say ‘f##k the poor’

Heckler HQ can confirm today’s bad news that neither of our counties MPs choked on their christmas dinners. This sad news comes a week after both these vile individuals voted against a proposal to investigate the growing use of food banks in the UK. So while thousands of people across the country are forced into poverty, MPs including Jesse ‘punch my smug face’ Norman and Bill ‘the thieving bastard’ Wiggin can look forward to a £7,500 pay rise.

With poverty and hunger in Britain on the increase, over 130,000 people signed a petition demanding a parliamentary debate on ‘UK hunger’. The debate went ahead with predictable results. The opposition party, currently Labour, feigned sympathy for those people suffering. And the ruling coalition laughed and said that people should get a job and stop moaning. A motion put forward by Labour to investigate food bank use and UK hunger was voted down by the coalition with Jesse and Bill voting against.

So what if anything can be learnt from this?

Well firstly, 130,000 people wasted their time signing a petition. Perhaps if they all forced their way into parliament they would be listened to. Direct action has proved to be far more effective than signing petitions.

Jesse says “fuck em, as long as they vote for me I don’t give a shit if they’re hungry”

Secondly, the Labour party has a short memory. Food banks began opening in 2005 while they were allowing their rich banker mates to shaft the lot of us. It’s easy to sound sympathetic when your in opposition.

Thirdly, Jesse Norman is taking people for a ride. At least Bill Wiggin doesn’t hide his contempt for working people. Wiggin doesn’t give a shit when people in his constituency lose their jobs, unless they work for the animal abusing fox hunts. Jesse on the other hand loves to pretend he cares. He’s been cleverly gaining people’s trust since he became MP, never failing to look concerned when the right photo opportunity comes his way. Unfortunately many people are taken in by his charm, but hopefully with this commons vote as evidence people will wake up to see what he really is.

Luther Blissett

2 thoughts on “Jesse and Bill say ‘f##k the poor’

  1. Luther: agree 101% with your tirade. But it’s a pity you didn’t also swing your telescope around and take a peep down our own Aubrey Street (that’s the one behind the Green Dragon, where that monstrous new block of flats – Devreaux House? – has just sprouted out of the ground).

    Tucked discreetly alongside the archway into the old Green Dragon car park is Hereford’s very own Food Bank! Not spotted it? Hardly surprising ’cause in truly biblical fashion it hides its light well and truly under a bushel. No welcoming signage, no publicity in the Hereford (yawn!) Times, no invitation for food parcel donations. The reason? It is part of the Grand Bailiwick of His Emminence The High-and-Most-Mighty Dean of Hereford!

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