TUPSLEY BY-ELECTION WATCH: Tories put up city councillor no one’s even heard of

The nominations for next month’s Tupsley by-election have been announced and it’s already a pretty forgone conclusion which of the three candidates will get elected.

The Tories have fielded would-be drains-on-your-council-tax in both the city and county elections, both of whom don’t even live in the area.

'All style no substance'

‘All style no substance’

Their county council hopeful is one Jason Kay, owner of the Aylestone Court Hotel, and is apparently “already well-known to many local residents through his work as a city councillor”. Never heard of him. Never seen his face before, never got a newsletter from him. Who is he?

His election leaflet is all style and no substance: “Jason has a proven track record of getting things done for residents in the Tupsley ward.” Despite this his leaflet doesn’t list one single Tupsley achievement. Instead it gives a list of city-wide events he’s helped organised as part of his career in tourism.

Still, you could find out for yourself what Jason’s been doing over these past few years that he’s been a city councillor. “Come and meet Jason,” his leaflet invites, he’s holding a drop-in surgery at the Rose Garden on Ledbury Road. Except all you ‘hardworking people’ out there won’t be able to go because it’ll all be over before 5.30pm, just as you’re maybe thinking about leaving work. Well dodged, Jason.

Enclosed with the leaflet is the obligatory questionnaire (the mark of a councillor who’s out of touch with his constituents if ever there was one. NB: The Hereford Heckler does not condone sending bricks or any other heavy items to the freepost address provided).

Despite clearly not being up to the job, Jesse ‘stupid grin, “golly, what a frightfully nice chap”‘ Norman gives the thumbs up: “Jason … is hardworking and independent minded, with a big heart.”

A Tory with a ‘big heart’. LOL.

2 thoughts on “TUPSLEY BY-ELECTION WATCH: Tories put up city councillor no one’s even heard of

  1. Keith, are you saying that to stand as a councillor, a candidate should already have a track record of community achievement? Is it not enough that any individual that is concerned with all and any aspect of where they live should not want to get involved? I do not know who the candidates are but intend to speak to all of them. I would rather you champion your favourite than attempt to ridicule any single individual that is having a go.
    What will the voter turnout be, 25%? In essence 75% of people in Tupsley or Pontrilas will not give a monkeys who stands – let alone gets elected and I think maybe your jibes will only give potential voters the idea that it is pointless making the effort to meet, talk and question the candidates. I care not a light for whom people vote, be it an individual a cause or a political party, I just want them to vote. Critical appreciation please Keith not ridicule.
    Love Burgermeister

    • ‘Burgermeister’, surely if that individual was genuinely concerned enough about his or her area they would be involved in community life all year round, whether an elected official or just an average pleb.
      Critical appreciation where it’s due.
      Love, Keith.

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