In praise of … leaning on your shovel

Improvements to the waste water system in Pembridge have been announced today in the Hereford Times.

Welsh Water will be investing £500,000 in the project, which is due to take nine weeks to complete.

Unsurprisingly the first comments on the story were people moaning.

“Get the job done as quickly as possable, 9 weeks means 9 weeks, im betting it will be the FULL 9 weeks to get the job done! pleanty of shovel leaning will take place too :)” said fordshire77.

Mizza21 commented “shovel leaning is an important part of the job. As is smoking fags, reading the paper in the van and sitting in the portaloo”.

But it was Bobby47’s response that made us smile.

“It’s bloody typical! Lean on your shovel, just for a moment, a brief snapshot in time and the bloody criticism showers down on you.

“Well I’ll be damned if I sit back and let good men and women, both sexes are capable of shovelling, get a kicking simply because they reached a point of boredom or tiredness and decided to stop excavating the earth and lean on their shovels.

“Most of you have no idea just how mind numbing shovelling earth from one point to another can be. Many’s a time during my burrowing and digging I’ve suddenly stopped, leant on my shovel and screamed, ‘Good grief Im exhausted. I’ll have a moment and lean on this shovel’.

“Bloody society! No bloody tolerance to a man or a woman leaning on their shovel. It’s getting to the stage where you can’t do anything without someone having a pop at you simply for leaning on your shovel.

“It’s physically impossible to shift ten ton of earth from one place to another and not feel compelled to lean on your shovel and anyone who says otherwise is a bloody embellisher and no friend of mine.”

Here here! And long may shovel-leaning continue.

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