If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense

The west coast rapper DJ Quik had a great tune back in the mid-90s called Dollars and Sense, which stated if “it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”.

Agombar the crook

Agombar the crook

He’s right. Why on earth would a bunch of London-based crooks buy a debt-ridden mess of a football club three hours away from where they live? Is it a) they love football; b) they care about Herefordshire and its local community; or c) they want the ground and the leases? Hmm…

The bullshit that comes out of their mouths is absolutely disgusting. Every single one of them has extremely dubious backgrounds but some people will still support these twats, despite the fact they had the team demoted two leagues when they could have kept the Bulls in the conference.

I have no idea how these ‘fans’ can support this lot after they constantly lied about paying staff for weeks (months). The arguments I most commonly hear are ‘David Keyte did this, not the current regime’. He started this, yes, I’ll agree but this lot will finish it.

I have no time for David Keyte, who initially seemed like a clueless but harmless buffoon but soon turned out to be a fat lying sack of shit who disappeared up his own arse and then sold the club to these wankers who currently ‘run’ the club.

The other excuse is ‘I don’t support the regime I just like to watch the football’. Utter, utter horseshit. If you give any money to this lot then you are financing their corruption and dishonesty. You are supporting the regime and are hurting former players and staff who worked for the club tirelessly last season without wages, who Tommy has promised to pay time and time again. Yes, some have been paid but a lot still haven’t.

I’m afraid the old ‘I just want to watch football’ line doesn’t wash. Go and watch Westfields then because ‘Hereford United’ are not Hereford United anymore. There will be no Hereford team until a phoenix rises from the flames.

It’s like saying ‘I’m not a Nazi, I just go and cheer them on. They have a nice rally coming through town.’

The last game as Hereford United was against Aldershot. I hope to hell a phoenix club start soon.

Barry Moore

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