Hunt supporter pleads guilty to hunt saboteur assault

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release October 24th 2012

Paul Standen, a supporter of the Ross Harriers Hunt, pleaded guilty today to assaulting two hunt saboteurs. Standen, who was on trial at Hereford Magistrates Court, had to pay a fine, costs and compensation.

Standen-WebThe incident occurred in March this year when the Ross Harriers met at Kilpeck near Hereford. Standen drove his vehicle at a group of saboteurs before jumping out and violently pushing a female out of the way before punching another member of the group in the face. Unfortunately for him the whole attack was filmed and he was arrested.

Lee Peters, Master of the hunt, is also in court next month for racially abusing a hunt saboteur.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “It is always a pleasure to see justice done, however we wish Mr. Standen had done the honourable thing and pleaded guilty much earlier in the proceedings and saved the tax payer a great deal of money. We look forward to a similar result next month when Mr. Peters is in court and we hope the Ross Harriers will start to realise they are not above the law.”

The Heckler has previously reported on the Ross Harriers hunt and their bad behaviour. Back in January, their huntsman was arrested for racially abusing a saboteur. In March some of their supporters attacked saboteurs with an iron bar and damaged a vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Hunt supporter pleads guilty to hunt saboteur assault

  1. Yes,he is the “terreirman” for the”golden valley hunt”,their was a photo of him on thier website but it was taken down just before the court case,i’ve seen them hunting around peterchurch,he’s alway’s on a quad with boxes on the front!!!

    They should have locked him up and thrown away the key!!!!!!!!!

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