Herefordshire Supports Refugees

In September this year the Hereford Times ran an online poll asking whether Herefordshire Council should accept 10 refugee families.

The result of the poll and the comments that were left on the Times’ website and Facebook page were truly depressing. They painted a picture of a county full of misinformed bigots with no sympathy for those far worse off than themselves. Many comments were racist and offensive, most were removed. The result of the poll was overwhelmingly against helping the refugees.

Three months on and the picture couldn’t be more different. Many grass roots organisations across the county are now working directly with those 6000 desperate people who are stuck in Calais. Our faith in people has been restored.

Groups are now working in Ross, Ledbury, Leominster, Bromyard and Hereford offering practical support and assistance. The collection of food, clothing and other essentials are being collected and taken directly to France. Ross for Refugees has even assisted in the construction of a school for those children currently living in Calais.

But with cold weather fast approaching the need has never been greater to get involved or help in any way possible.

Please find below links to groups who are helping the refugees. Please contact them to find out what donations they are accepting –

Ross for Refugees

Food Parcels for Calais, Hereford Group

Ledbury Refugee Support

Priory Church Leominster 01568 610785 or text 07790 762138

Please comment below if you know of other groups accepting donations.

Luther Blissett

3 thoughts on “Herefordshire Supports Refugees

  1. Never mind sending parcels and aid to Calais where people have made themselves homeless, there is a process to go through to gain
    Refugee status and enter Britain.
    There are children in this country who need help, children going to
    School hungry, parents who try to keep body and soul together on low
    incomes, pensioners who cannot afford to heat their homes properly.
    Let’s start here instead of funding and playing the “Bountiful’s”.
    We have families who are homeless through no fault of their own, usually
    some catastrophe has befallen them! these need our aid first and
    foremost. I’m sick of misguided people always rushing to the aid
    of Johnny Foreigner with rose tinted glasses that overlook what’s
    under their noses.

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