Herefordshire gets a new dictator

Chairman JohnsonIn December 2011 Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea.

He wasn’t chosen by the people but by a powerful inner circle at a private meeting.

We call this a dictatorship.

Yesterday Cllr Tony Johnson became the new leader of Herefordshire.

Johnson wasn’t chosen by the people of this county but by a powerful group of Conservative councillors at a private meeting.

His appointment is expected to be approved at the full council meeting on 24th May where, again, only councillors will have a say – the balance of power lying firmly with the ruling Conservative group.

We call this democracy.

What’s the difference?

2 thoughts on “Herefordshire gets a new dictator

  1. The power lies with the conservative group because people voted for them. That is democracy you unintelligent twats.

    • It takes far more intelligence to question the status quo than it does to blindly accept it. You knob x

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