Hereford United silent on homophobia

Fans disappointment with ‘no comment’

Earlier this month the Football Association launched its Opening Doors and Joining In campaign. This is the FA’s vain attempt to tackle homophobia in football. It’s amazing that the dinosaurs running football are even aware there’s a problem. Anyway, better late than never.

Luckily football fans have been campaigning for some time to stamp out this vile problem. The Justin Campaign, named after Justin Fashanu, was founded in 2008. They campaign to end discrimination in football based on gender and sexuality. Their main initiative is the Football v Homophobia (FvH) campaign.  This is an FA endorsed campaign, with the stated aim that: “we want football to take a clear stand against homophobia so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful game and so that football leads the way in removing discrimination and prejudice based on gender identity and sexual orientation.”

How could any football fan disagree with that? Unfortunately though, very few football clubs have given their backing to the FvH campaign. At the time of writing only 20 league clubs have done so. We were disappointed to see that Hereford United isn’t on the list. Anyone who’s read the Heckler will know we are proud supporters of United, so we felt we should contact the club about this issue. An email was sent asking the club to confirm their stance on this campaign and on the problem of homophobia in football. We are disappointed to tell you that we’ve had no response from Edgar Street. A contact close to the club informs us that they aren’t answering emails at the moment. That may be so, but the club must have a policy toward discrimination and as fans, we’d like to know what it is?

Most people are happy with the work being done by the Chairman David Keyte, so come on David surely this subject is important enough for you to issue a statement? Until you do, your silence is deafening.

By @Rural_Anarchist

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