Hereford United chairman rips off cancer charity?

Has Lonsdale stooped to a new low?

Back in August Hinton Football Club hosted a charity football match between Hereford United Supporters Trust Fans’ Team and the Mayor’s Xl, with proceeds split between the mayor’s chosen charity and the Adam Stansfield Foundation. The Foundation was set up after the sad death of ex-United player Adam Stansfield from bowel cancer.

In the lead up to the game HUST were contacted by Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale who said he’d like to donate a Lionel Messi signed Barcelona shirt. This kind offer was accepted by HUST who passed the shirt on to the foundation to auction online.

Information passed on to the Heckler this week suggests the Andy Lonsdale himself won the auction but has failed to pay for the shirt! The auction was held on eBay with the winning bid of £255. It came from someone going by the same name as Lonsdale with other personal information matching that of the current United chairman. After repeated efforts to contact the buyer, the foundation are now at a loss of what to do.

Now it may well be that someone has maliciously taken on Lonsdale’s ID, which is not a difficult thing to do on eBay. Either way, some sicko or Londale himself is ripping off a charity.  We recommend that Lonsdale either pay up or contact the foundation to settle the issue.

We did think of contacting Hereford United to get a comment from Lonsdale but with the club’s track record of not communicating with anyone we decided not to waste our time.

The Adam Stansfield Foundation can be contacted here

Luther Blissett

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