The Hereford Heckler started life in early 2008. Originally the bimonthly paper of Hereford Solidarity League, it offered a radical perspective on issues affecting the people of Herefordshire and beyond.

After 21 issues of being published in hard copy format, the Heckler now primarily exists as an independent anarchist web magazine. The politics haven’t changed, but our content has broadened and now includes local news, music, book and event reviews as well as the usual political analysis, campaign news and much more.

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  1. http://Www.wyeruinit.org is a website designed to give an introduction to the bypass issues and highlight the weakness in the Council current inadequate planning system. I can honestly now say after six months research on this matter and 30 years of private and public project risk analysis that this project is an unmitigated disaster in the making. How can Council proceed with route selection for roads before it has fully examined the cost benefits of alternative non polluting sustainable transport measures. How can they justify applying for and recieving government finance before completing a definitive business case on the proposal? The current process gives local government carte blanche to proceed, blind to increases in capital development costs from mitigation and changes in scope. The public purse is literally left open for the infrastructure companies to dip into for years, as the business models are defined for Council. No private finance group would invest in a project so ill-defined and poorly disclosed to the public. If the private sector would not accept such a sloopy process of project development, why should the public? Ask your MP. If he thinks it’s OK then ask yourself why he does nothing about it. I have voted conservative all my life worked for global developers and understand the difference between a good management culture and a corrupt one. It’s not a NIMBY issue it’s a National issue. Spending on unjustified badly designed roads at the expense of all essential services. This is not the answer to Hereford s congestion or shortage of affordable housing but a few companies will make a lot of money…

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