Live music launch night was vibrant and friendly

It’s been sometime coming but there has been some positive direction in Hereford’s music scene.

‘Hereford Live’ is an initiative which aims to ‘put Hereford on the live music map’, an idea which surely is worth some recognition.

Their launch night was held at the Jailhouse on Wednesday this week. Energetic local outfits were filling the main stage as well as acoustic acts entertaining the folk outside. The nice thing about this was you could flutter from either stage making it as relaxed or as exhilarating as you saw fit which gave the night somewhat of a festival vibe. It was buzzing, it was vibrant, it was diverse, it was friendly and, most notably, FREE.



The range of acts was definitely a bonus. I got a chance to speak to people about their thoughts on the night: the co-founder of local media company King Thrifty told me “it was real nice to see a diverse range of musical acts. It obviously brought in more of a crowd as there was something for everyone, which is always nice.” This however I’m not yet convinced could work all the time, but by the look of the upcoming events Hereford Live has planned they are more of your traditional gig night of acts that cross over and complement each other.

The eclectic mix of people made for a great atmosphere, which really translated into some hope for this new group of promoters. People came out in force on the basis that they agree with the notion that Hereford needs to do something about its live music scene.

“People need something to look forward to and support—to make an evening special. It’s nice to have something to make you feel proud of Hereford. We need that,” a lovely lady told me.

Another rather tipsy, but endearingly enthusiastic, young man also told me: “I came because of the fact it was live music and the community is always there for the same reason, to have a few beers, see their mates and enjoy some live music”.

Highlights of the night were Linerunners, who were a hell of a lot of fun to watch; Skrewfaze, who riled up the crowd on the main stage with a hip-hop–metal fusion; and Key Green, who’s acoustic set, full of beautiful harmonies, definitely got me to shut up my nattering about how nice the evening was and listen.

If I had to criticise I’d say there wasn’t enough young talent being showcased—not to say there isn’t lots of young talented people about but just to say that I, myself, being the irresponsible side of 25, felt a little under-represented.

The night as a whole though gave me reason to feel positive about the future of Hereford Live and live music here in general. Now we’ve got to hope the rest of us don’t just wait and see what happens because if we value our local music scene, like it seems many of us do, we have to support it. It’s entertainment and it’s a darn sight cheaper than going to the Odeon.

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