Hereford is full of hot women!

In a story that will clearly see them recognised as this year’s torchbearers of investigative journalism, the Hereford Times today released news that Hereford has the 14th most attractive women in the whole of the UK! Wow!

Some of the reprobates that are clearly letting the men's side down

“The survey revealed that 42.5 per cent of the city’s women are ‘hot’ all of the time,” said the Times. Only 42.5%?!?!?!?!

“However, Hereford’s men did not fare as well, coming a distant 106th place, with only 10.8 per cent being voted as attractive.” Still 10.8% is better than a kick in the face (something that 89.2% of local men might have experience of possibly???).

Of course this is not really news to us, we’re well aware that everything from round these parts is stunning: the luscious countryside, the beautiful old buildings, the peace and tranquility (plus a refreshing local cider on a hot summers days!) … and now our women and (some of) our men are being officially recognised too. Yeah, so. Get over it.

Of course we’re sure that the study was conducted under only the most professional laboratory conditions, which also took into account our great sense of humours, friendly personalities and worldly intelligence (of course!).

It is clearly now only a matter of time before Vogue and Men’s Health move their offices here to get amongst all our phwoaring hotness.


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