Hereford BNP announce candidate

Attempting to keep up with the local political game, the British National Party have recently announced their candidate for the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency. Twenty-four year old, self-employed ‘businessman’ (odd-job man and gardener), John Oliver, has been chosen to represent the party locally. However, one thing the BNP failed to announce is that John is in fact not from this area at all – they’re shipping him in  from Newport, Gwent to stand in the election! Considering John announced that his campaign would focus on the local economy and ‘halting the immigration swindle’ there is some irony here.

This choice highlights numerous things about the local BNP rag-tag. Firstly it shows the incompetency of the local branch, not being able to find a single suitable candidate in the county. A bit strange, considering this time last year they were bragging to the local press about how much the party had grown in the area, and how many ‘decent people’ they had attracted. Along with the fact that we haven’t heard a peep from them since the European elections, the evidence suggests that somebody may have been telling porkies.

This decision also shows that they are no different to the rest of the political parties in the area; shipping in politicians to fight the election, who will be quick enough to up sticks and scuttle off to the next place after the people of Herefordshire vote. The Tories moved millionaire and old Etonian, Jesse Norman, into the county following his failed attempt at becoming a representative for Cheltenham. The Liberal Democrats moved in Sarah Carr, who seems to jump on every bandwagon rolling past. Labour have announced Neil Sabharwal, a businessman from London to stand in the North Herefordshire constituency– he didn’t even turn up at a recent election debate in Bromyard, sending one of his campaign team to speak instead!

Obviously a lot of people move around the country, but these political parties seem to move in career politicians, use local people to their advantage (get our vote), and then leave if they don’t succeed. This attitude is damaging and dividing to local people, using constituents as political pawns or cannon fodder, and putting their own personal political careers and agendas before any real desire to represent us or work to our benefit. The BNP are no different, and despite their claims of being an ‘alternative to the old-gang parties’, they offer very little more. As they have shown numerous times across the country, once elected into a position of power, they repeatedly misuse their position and are just as crooked as the rest! Party officials fiddling  funds and countless suspensions from councils across the country are examples of this.So if you are looking for an alternative to the Westminster liars,  cheats and crooks don’t look towards the BNP!

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