Heckler TV Present: ‘Me We’

‘Me We’ takes its title from what is said to be the shortest poem in the world, written by Mohammed Ali. This emotionally powerful film is a collaboration between local filmmaker Craig White and the Herefordshire Equality Partnership. It follows the impact that racism has on the people of Herefordshire, in particular the problems faced by mixed raced families and their children.

People from various backgrounds tell their stories in an open manner, which at times leaves you stunned.

This might be painful viewing to some, but it’s not as painful as the damage caused by racism. The film covers, what seems to be, the limited effort that the police have with dealing with these issues. But goes on to show the work that is being done in schools to teach our children to be tolerant and accepting of different people. A big Heckler pat on the back goes out to all those involved in making this film.

Watch ‘Me We’ at youtube.com/hecklertv

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