Bull makeover is ‘vandalism’, says grumpy councillor

BettyIt seems a Belmont councillor is in desperate need of a sense of humour.

Commenting on last month’s makeover of the bull statue in the Hereford Journal this week, Cllr Glenda Vaughan-Powell said: “I warned of the possibility of it [the statue] being vandalised ā€¦ it’s a shame that my words came right.”

Vandalised? Really? It had a few stickers put on the hooves and a bit of jewellery hung off its head.

Back at the end of April the Hereford Times ran a caption competition for the made-over bull and city police tweeted “Betty the Bull looking beautiful” after she had been ā€“ as they described it ā€“ “decorated”.

Cllr Vaughan-Powell needs to stop being such a grump.

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