Graffiti Knitters bring splash of colour to threatened trees

Late last night, Sunday 3rd, a group of local activists brightened up yet another dark chapter in the policies of Herefordshire Council. These graffiti knitters showed their support for the campaign to save 14 lime trees on Edgar Street by decorating them in a multitude of coloured woollen creations. If you haven’t experienced the joys of graffiti knitting, or yarn bombing as it’s also known, we recommend you take a stroll along Edgar Street and see their work.


It is hoped that by drawing attention to these trees more pressure will be put on the council to reverse their decision to fell them. It seems incredible that while cities the world over are striving to increase urban tree cover, Herefordshire Council continues to support the opposite. Of course, Jarvis and his cronies will view last nights antics as the work of vandals trying to stop progress, but the reaction of passers by suggests that there is public support for the campaign.

For more information on the campaign read here

2 thoughts on “Graffiti Knitters bring splash of colour to threatened trees

  1. A friend who has an ‘inside track’ on this saga tells me that Cllr Powell (Cabinet Chief Honcho for Potholes) has delegated the task of negotiating with the jackbooted Highways Agency (motto: “We DONT take prisoners!”) to a Brockington Jobsworth.

    So after Yarn Bombing, it looks like Direct Action will be the only thing which will save the Edgar Street Limes!

  2. As a result of Sunday night’s amazing Yarn Bombing operation, the Highways Agency has announced that it intends to come up with ‘new proposals’. Don’t all hold your breaths though, as this may merely be HA-speak for “we’ll only come and chop down SOME of your trees!”
    The protesters’ position remains: SAVE ALL EDGAR STREET’S 14 LIME TREES.

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