Giving away the cattle market

Posted on March 26th, 2012 by Keith in Around the Shire

“Wouldn’t you just love playing poker with Jarvis Cockup,” says What I Heard About Herefordshire Council of council leader John Jarvis.

“British Land have told Hereford Futures that the ESG scheme as set up by Stanhope is a load of rubbish, with a shortfall of £30m. So the only way they will stay at the table is if the council gift them the 100 acre market site (estimated value £80m) and remove the tiresome conditions such as not poaching High Town shops through reduced rent initiatives.

“All but the very best poker players have a ‘tell’, something that gives away what they are thinking. In Jarvis’s case it is a gormless stare and rolling over onto his tummy whenever big businessmen come into the room.”

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