Work-shy couple in surprise Hereford visit

‘Prince’ Charles and Camilla Windsor shocked onlookers today as they arrived at Hereford train station on a surprise visit.

Class justice: students fuck up their car, 2010

The work-shy couple arrived shortly after 10.00am, alighting from their own personal ‘royal’ train (paid for by you and me) before making a quick dash into their ‘royal’ car (also paid for by you and me). They selfishly refused to offer a lift to anyone going the same way.

Locals were surprised to see the freeloaders up and about so early; the Windsor family is notorious for living a life of leisure at other people’s expense.

They are symptomatic of a ruling class that takes from society and contributes nothing whilst millions of us ordinary folk carry on with all the hard work.

The couple are believed to have visited Credenhill.

2 thoughts on “Work-shy couple in surprise Hereford visit

  1. FUCK OFF! you parasites,you are not welcome here (or anywhere for that matter). I was at the station yesterday morning-the last time I saw that many coppers in one place was in Hereford police stations canteen!! In an age of austerity and abject rural poverty it was shameful to see our taxes spent on such a pointless PR exercise. No doubt being the owner of half of Herefordshire his royal lowness was up here to check on his peasant population-WANKER!!

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