Freedom Church accused of radicalisation

Freedom cultHereford-based cult Freedom Church have been accused of radicalising university students in south Wales.

Swansea University have taken steps to ‘protect’ students from Freedom’s “cultic style of operation”.
Suspicions were raised when a parent contacted university authorities worried that their child had been inducted into a cult.

In a statement head of student services, Kevin Child, said, “Concerns have been raised by various organisations and individuals in Wales and elsewhere about the operational methods used by the Freedom Church to recruit members by targeting vulnerable members of society and their cultic style of operation”.

He went on to say: “Swansea University is committed to the protection of its students through its safeguarding policy and the UK Prevent agenda, which urges public bodies, including education institutions, to have a critical role in preventing extremism, terrorism and radicalisation.”

In response to these concerns the university removed 250 posters from around campus advertising the church and banned them from holding services on university grounds. The university is also working with other organisations around Swansea to ensure student safety while off campus.

You’d think that the Snowzell clan who run Freedom Church would have learnt from past misdemeanours. It’s only two years since they were caught handing out sweets at Whitecross School. But it appears that their recruiting tactics have moved from dishing out Smarties to school children to far more sinister methods.

One Swansea University student who is said to have been ‘damaged’ by their time in the church, claims that Freedom are now using a ‘profiling system’ in which existing members approach new members as friends and use conversation to collect personal details to use to target them in future.

All this is extremely worrying. These people are based in Hereford and are exporting their brand of fundamentalist Christianity around the world. They have now opened churches in Belgium, Cambodia and Uganda.

Recently the old Marian Fathers residential home on Holme Lacy Road has been acquired by the church and renovated for a considerable sum to create their ‘international headquarters’.

But questions are now being asked about Freedom Church; about their beliefs, about their methods and about the source of their funding. People are well aware of the threat fundamentalist religious groups like Freedom Church pose.

Don’t be fooled by the slick videos and their ‘down with the kids’ attitude. These people are a danger to young people.

As we have seen recently, religious radicalisation of impressionable people can end in tragic ways.

Luther Blissett

One thought on “Freedom Church accused of radicalisation

  1. Not a Church. More like a scam to make the Snowzells money. They have a huge house, very nice cars and ask the ‘Church’ goers to make financial ‘sacrifices’ to them each week in the name of God. To fund what? The sports cars? I went there for a few weeks and I was freaked out and when I decided not to go I was ostracised by the ‘worshippers’ and suddenly very bad rumours, totally untrue, were spread about me. I think this is all a big cin to make money, and because I was outspoken at their full on, overpowering approach I was deemed a threat. They need to be shut down.

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