FREE TEA AND COFFEE! Get down to the daily Waitrose giveaway!

Free coffeeOne of Hereford’s latest arrivals is offering a free tea or coffee to its customers.

Swanky supermarket chain Waitrose give holders of a myWaitrose loyalty card a daily free drink … even if they don’t make a purchase.

The promotion attracted complaints at the end of last year after snobby shoppers said it was attracting the ‘wrong type of customer’.

Penny Clayton, who does a weekly £100 shop at the supermarket said: “Please don’t turn Waitrose into a ‘soup kitchen’ handing out free drinks. The usual clientele are hardly strapped for cash.”

They don’t like mixing with us plebs.

Another shopper commented on the Daily Mail website: “My local Waitrose has attracted one or two of these types recently. Two women in particular are in there most mornings while I am buying my shopping. They have dirty looking toddlers who they allow to touch the fruit and vegetables while they are talking and turning a blind eye to what they are doing.

“There is a Tesco further down the road and they would be more at home there with people of their own kind and where I would never shop.”

So today we call on all you single mums, benefit claimants, immigrants, and all of us that are just a bit, well, ‘common’: let’s take advantage of this fantastically generous offer. What could be nicer than a free morning coffee while we sit and read The Mirror or The Sun!

And if we happen to piss off some stuck-up, middle class snobs in the process, well then, you know … job done 😉

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