‘Forget class’ says Eton toff

IMG_3437Eton-educated toff Jesse Norman is sad that we’re so hung up with class in Britain.

“I wish we could find some way of creating a society which was freer in its own mind about that [class],” he told the Times.

“The problem is when you have a preoccupation with class, you get people believing that they can’t succeed.

“I’ve no doubt that the big universities are dying for more people to apply from less privileged backgrounds, but they aren’t getting them. That’s one of the problems,” said the man who voted for a rise in tuition fees.

Perhaps if you’d not made it harder for people from poorer backgrounds to go to uni, Jesse, more people would.

But Jesse Norman doesn’t get it. The middle class don’t get it and the upper class don’t get it. It’s always the people living comfortable lifestyles that like to talk about how class is irrelevant. Because they’re doing alright, it’s not a problem anymore.

But when you’re juggling bills and going without meals so you can afford nappies, class—and the divide between the haves and have-nots—is very real.

How are you supposed to forget that some families are living very comfortably in plush houses with frequent foreign holidays when you’re too busy wondering how you’re going to cope with the rising food prices because you haven’t had a payrise in years.

This is why we have a ‘preoccupation’ with class—because the divide between the rich and poor is very real. It’s not just a figment of some Marxist intellectual’s imagination.

Jesse, if you’re wishing we could create a society without class we can: but it’ll mean revolution, not voting Tory.

2 thoughts on “‘Forget class’ says Eton toff

  1. Great article Keith, all the while we have different class in this society we will always have poverty because the government, even though they could eradicate it tomorrow WANT it there to keep us believing we need to obey their self-made and self-serving rules and regulations to keep us from falling into it.

  2. Excellent article and the same applies here in New Zealand ( Godzone, my arse) where university applications are dropping off at an alarming rate and who can blame them when they’ll be saddled with massive debts years after graduation.

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