Football’s Green Revolution

Finally all closet football loving greenies can come out and admit their mainstream passion. A football club not far from the ‘Shire is set to become the most environmentally minded in the land.

Nailsworth, south of Gloucester, is home to Forest Green Rovers FC. Many Hereford United fans have fond memories of the away games at their New Lawn stadium when we were down in the Conference. Who could resist the charm of this community minded club, with the previous chairman serving drinks in the bar, and fans so friendly that even diehard Meadow End nutters felt like giving them a hug!

In August 2010 Forest Green were taken over by Dale Vince. This is the bloke who owns green electricity company Ecotricity, and also happens to be vegan. He began his green revolution in February this year when red meat was taken off the menu at the club. Initially it was the players who had red meat removed from their diet,but this was extended to all staff and fans. Fish and poultry from sustainable sources and a selection of vegetarian food are now sold instead. Plans are also in place to embed renewable and low impact technologies throughout the stadium.

In May this year Vince teamed up with Gary Neville to launch the ‘Sustainability in Sport’ initiative. According to their website “This new partnership has the aim of taking the eco message into the world of sport. Environmental projects will be delivered by Sustainability in Sport, the first of which will be a community solar scheme in Manchester.”

While all this sounds quite laudable, let’s hope Mr Vince treats Forest Green and its history with respect. We hope he is able to make the positive changes he has planned, and works the supporters of Forest Green to achieve them.They will still be there long after he has gone.

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