‘The Heckler is a great institution. Long may it flourish’

Life as a Heckler editor involves an endless round of drug-fuelled sex parties with celebrities and local politicians. Whilst one of us takes it turns to sit in the corner and bash out the odd article the rest of us are snogging Gary Snowzell and snorting coke off Terry James’ tits.
So as we reach our fifth birthday we thought we’d tap up some of our closest pals to say a few kind words about us. The cheque’s in the mail.

“The pleasure of finding the Heckler buried among the pizza leaflets, free newspapers and local government propaganda has been one of the joys of cleaning my busy doormat over the past five years.
“While the rest goes straight in the green bin, I have enjoyed sitting down with a brew to take in the punchy stories that prove Hereford does contain a youthful beating heart among all the grey matter.”
Ian Morris, news editor, Hereford Times

“You may not agree with it and you may not find it funny but you have got to love it. Celebrating what I love about where we live.”
Tom, Oliver’s Cider

“To the outsider Herefordshire might seem a somnolent place, not given to subversive ideas. But appearances can be deceptive. Back in 1872 there were two Herefordshire men on the platform at the founding of the National Agricultural Labourers’ Union and a local union predated the formation of Joseph Arch’s now more famous Warwickshire Union. So congratulations to the Heckler for keeping the voice of the radical alive in the county. Long may it continue.”
David Phelps, author of Hereford: Bloody British History

“As an increasingly infrequent visitor to the area—unfortunately—one thing I am always struck by when I do come, is the massive pile of Daily Mails versus the teeny weeny pile of Guardians in newsagents. So it is reassuring to know that you are flying the flag for the downtrodden and voiceless … and you’re funny!
“Keep it up and long may you reign … in a republican sort of way.”
Jo Brand, comedian

“At times the Heckler has inspired me, at times it has angered me and at times it makes me laugh. But it is always worth reading because it’s an education.”
Neville Meredith, race equality officer, Herefordshire Council

“Five is a very nice age to attain. Think back when you were that age; or even recall your own or a neighbour’s five-year-old.
“They can walk, talk, joke and are starting to figure out just what goes on in the world around them.
“Same with the Heckler. It’s growing fast, produces the liveliest print and electronic copy in the Marches and is certainly extremely savvy about the political cesspit in which the good folk of Herefordshire are presently mired.
“Many happy returns.”
Gaffer, Heckler film critic

“Politicians are often pompous, self seeking, egotistical. We all become councillors because we believe we have something to offer our community, but at times we can allow ourselves to think we are better than we are. The Hereford Heckler has a way of bringing us down to earth.
“It was the Hereford Heckler who first realised that some opposition councillors and their supporters, were more middle class than the Tories, whose only mantra is to criticise opportunities for building up the economy. No mention from them about the poor, homeless, children at risk or people being robbed of their benefit rights when they are sick or disabled. The Hereford Heckler has played a valuable part in showing up these councillors.
“So I am delighted to wish the Hereford Heckler a happy fifth birthday. I hope the next five years will see the Hereford Heckler continue to be the voice of the under privileged”
Cllr Chris Chappell

“I’m afraid that we won’t be able to help you at this time, but congratulations on the fifth anniversary and thank you for thinking of Russell.”
Russell Howard’s publicist

“The Heckler is a great Hereford anarchist institution. Long may it flourish.”
Jesse Norman, MP and creep

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