Festive live music, a review

You’d have to be living under a stone not to notice the increasing prevalence and quality of live music in Hereford. Thanks to individual promoters and those committed people over at Hereford Live things are really on the up in the ‘shire, where live music is concerned.

And so it was that over the festive period I went forth and sampled what Hereford had to offer.

First up was the Christmas Punk Party at the Jailhouse. Unfortunately we turned up too late to see Ross-on-Wye’s Stunted Growth but by all reports they pissed off straight after their set – bit rude, fellas. The crowd was thin on the ground that night but to be fair it was a bloody freezing Wednesday night. The Delinquents were the first of the bands we saw. A Hereford three-piece, who played some quality tunes once they got past their self-deprecating intro. Their EP ‘Nuclear Generation‘ is well worth a listen especially ‘When You Fall’. The headline act for the evening was Abysmal who played a thoroughly entertaining mix of punk covers. Bloody great to hear the Sex Pistols ‘Animal’ done with such passion. Nice one fellas.



Next up was the Wild Hare Club at Lyde Court. The Wild Hare have been going for a few years now, putting on one-off gigs with a rather eclectic choice of music. Not always my cup of tea but on this occasion they put on a blinder. The band was The Urban Voodoo Machine from London and the dress code was red and black, which made us happy being the colours of the anarchist flag. The Voodoo Machine were amazing, a real knees up cabaret bunch of entertainers. They were followed by a burlesque dancer, which seemed a little pointless to me, but each to their own. The venue, made famous by a wedding brawl earlier this year, is a great place to party. A big old barn with nooks and crannies that make it warm and comfortable. Well worth a visit.



My final festive piss-up was XSLF at the Starlite Room. Those lovely people at Nightlite Promotions were kind enough to let us have a Heckler stall, which was great. A smart venue with reasonably priced local ales and cider, and a great room for the gig, although the lighting could have been dimmed when the bands were on. The first band was 36 Strategies who battled through dodgy sound to play a solid set. They were followed by Walter and The Softees who got the crowd going with some old punk covers. The headline act of ex-Stiff Little Fingers members, XSLF, were well worth the entrance fee. Full of humour, stories and jump up punk tunes. They got the crowd moshing more than I’ve seen in Hereford for a long while.



To keep up with what’s going on in Hereford’s live music scene click here.

Big respect to Ivor at Hereford Live, Rich from Abysmal, Richard from Wild Hare and Paul from Nightlite Productions.

Luther Blissett

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