Empty house is ‘flytippers paradise’

A Hereford house is blighting a community after more than 10 years of neglect.

Neighbours of 1 Quicksets, Redhill, (featured previously in the Heckler), say the empty house lowers the tone of the area and has become a “flytippers paradise”.

One resident has been in touch with the council for two years to try and get them to clean it up. He has even made a protest video, which has been published on Youtube. Outlining the problems to the Heckler, he told us:

o glass from the broken windows is lying in the long grass, injuring at least one child who had to receive hospital treatment

o chemical drums have been dumped in the garden and

o the property is infested with rats. It is now a serious health hazard.

As usual, Herefordshire Council seem to be doing nothing (this is getting like a broken record isn’t it). They should be doing something about the health and safety issue; there are environmental laws to back this up, but there is no action. They should be doing something to take possession of this empty property; there are housing laws to back this up, but there is no action.

We’re sticking to our guns: the place should be squatted! While a lot of time is wasted on legal bureaucracy, a family could be in there with next to no fuss, keeping the garden tidy and making the necessary repairs to the house. It could turn an eyesore into well-maintained family home. Something to consider.

Watch the Quicksets protest video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEW1MJFdbnk

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