Edgar Street lime trees to go!

So it’s official, the decision has been made. The 14 lime trees on Edgar Street are to be removed. But bizarrely the council aren’t to blame! Shock horror!

No, it appears that Highways Agency (HA) are the guilty party. They are planning a road widening scheme in order to reduce congestion on Edgar Street. And it turns out that the HA don’t need to apply for planning permission!! But due to the controversy surrounding the plans they have agreed to plant trees to replace the ones that are being chopped. Wow, thanks.

Clearly this could have been avoided if the HA and the planners behind the ESG had put their heads together earlier. The widening could then have eaten into the ESG site rather than the trees. But then politicians aren’t known for their joined up thinking. Although the council aren’t directly to blame, the scheme does fit in with their intense love of new roads, so we doubt they will be challenging it.

So where does this leave those of us who support the conservation of green spaces in our town. Clearly letters and emails of complaint aren’t worth toffee, the same goes for petitions, when did a pile of signatures last stop a road being built? There comes a time when direct action is the only tool left, what form that direct action this takes is down to how much people want to save these trees.

10 thoughts on “Edgar Street lime trees to go!

  1. Do lime trees produce honey if so cant they bee protected for that reason .just trying the lateral thinking route

  2. The Highways Agency person in charge of widening the road and cutting down our trees can be emailed at robert.jaffier@highways.gsi.gov.uk. Pester him with vast amounts of mail please. Ask what consultation and impact assessments were done in advance of this decision, and when and with whom. And ask him what HA’s appeals process is.

  3. “Do lime trees produce honey?” – Gail Long

    Yes they most certainly do! Honeybees love lime trees and those 14 trees would support a lot of bees. I personally put a hive in a garden off Edgar Street and they will be foraging from the trees as we speak (erm, type).

    • Surely if the Honey bee is protected the removal of these trees could have a detrimental effect . just saying not really to clued up on matters like this

  4. Sorry people. Forget (or rather set aside thoughts of) honey bees!

    This whole wretched farrago has been disastrously handled by a) Cllrs Powell and Price; b) a jobsworth at Plough Lane called “Doctor” (doctor of what I wonder: incompetence?) Widdicombe; and c) the thugish Highways Agency. Last March, Dr Widdlesome received 200+ letters of objection to the original proposal to fell the Limes, giving him carte blance to issue TPOs (Tree Protection Orders) to safeguard all these fine 40-year old specimens. Did he complete the necessary paperwork? Err….no. Would another barrage of 200+ letters of objection move Dr Jobsworth to take action? Err…probably not.

    Comrades – it’s time for Direct Action.

  5. and yet again a community led campaign is being hijacked by self serving politicians, bloody Jesse ‘I hate the disabled’ Norman and Mark ‘it’s all about publicity’ Hubbard, it’s all about lime light not Lime trees with these two.

  6. Instead of chopping down trees why don’t they unblock all the drains along Belmont Road and the A465 out towards Abergavenny.

  7. when i walked past the trees i noticed that at least two were rotten so i think it is a blessing they have cut them down. They may have fallen on some unsuspecting protestors.

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