Drugs: Making people happy since the dawn of time!!

People across the world are coming to terms today with the great news coming from the U.S. No we don’t mean the re-election of Barack “corporate whore” Obama, no we’re talking about the referendums in Colorado and Washington that could result in the legalisation of marijuana in those states.

They’re not talking about medical marijuana or de-criminalisation, no, the majority of voters voted in favour of legal ganja! Bloody brilliant. Bollocks to you Obama, this is real democracy.

Anyone with any ounce of common sense knows that smoking weed is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol. Yes some people have suffered adverse effects from smoking skunk, but that alone cant justify the amount of money spent on prohibition.

It’s arguable whether the prohibition of any drugs is effective. Lets face it people take drugs because they feel good and making them illegal will never change that. Of course some drugs have some very serious adverse effects. Smoking crack or banging up heroin is going to lead you to some very dark places. But making addicts into criminals denies people the correct treatment for what is a nasty disease. Pushing addicts into crime to pay for habits costs society a vast amount of money. It would be interesting to know how much crime in Hereford is related to heroin and crack.

On the other side of the coin we have people regularly smoking weed, necking MDMA or getting smashed on mushrooms. None of these people pose a risk to themselves or others. But again prohibition criminalises these people. That is surely a massive waste of money.

In the 1990’s a group of people called the Exodus Collective put on illegal raves in and around Luton. During this time violent crime in Luton plummeted, along with the takings at city centre pubs. People were too busy enjoying far less destructive drugs to get pissed and fight.

Of course politicians are to weak and thin skinned to openly discuss changing drug laws. But the referendums in Colorado and Washington show that given the chance public attitude is very different.

We look forward to the day when junkies are treated for their illnesses and the rest of us can get off our heads without having to worry about the law pissing on our rizlas.


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