Do They Think We’re Stupid?

Twenty-seven members of the British National Party were revealed to be living in Herefordshire after the entire party membership lists were leaked online at the end of November.

The list revealed that paedophiles and convicted criminals were members of the fascist party as well as police officers and teachers.

Hereford BNP has yet again been distributing their racist leaflets around Herefordshire, promoting idiotic ideas like a whites-only NHS. But they really must think us Herefordians are stupid. Most people can see through the BNP’s carefully crafted promises of lower taxes, more houses and a supposedly better NHS to the real core of their politics: racism and hatred. They pick the standard promises from all political parties and we all know that no matter who gets elected they don’t really give a damn about us. But the politics of the BNP differs slightly from other wannabe leaders. Their nasty insidious plan is to divide society along racial lines by blaming all our problems on anyone who isn’t a ‘native Brit’, whatever that means. It seems these halfwits believe themselves to be whiter than white.

The BNP like all far-right racist politicians use all the tricks in the book to fool you into thinking they have the solutions to society’s problems.

They claim they’ll do something about violent crime but just a glance at their membership shows just the opposite: BNP member David Copeland set off a series of nail bombs in 1999 killing three people including a pregnant woman and injuring 129 others. Local BNP member Lambertus Nieuwhof who lives in Peterchurch was also convicted in South Africa on terrorism charges for attempting to blow up a primary school.

They want kick out all British citizens who they claim are non-indigenous. But what does non-indigenous mean? Does it mean all those descended from Normans, or Romans, or Vikings, or Saxons, or Indians, or Jamaicans, or Poles? This country is built on centuries of immigration. Diversity is something to celebrate not to use to divide us.

They claim to be the party of the ordinary working man and woman, yet one member recently sent a hate letter to anti-fascists; he signed it off with “smash the miners (oh, I forgot, that lovely Thatcher bird already did). Victory to the police!” Not just a kick in the teeth for miners and ex-miners but for all working class people who have struggled for better conditions in their lives.

So it’s clear to see that this bunch of thugs stand for hatred and violence not commonsense and justice as they’d have you believe. A vote for the BNP is a vote for a political party that looks to nazi Germany for inspiration. We should not forget that nearly 400,000 British citizens died in World War Two as a result of the same fascist politics that inspire the BNP.

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