Division persists among Hereford fans

Hereford FC v Stourport Swifts FC - MFL Cup semi-final second leg - Joel Edwards spraying champagne.

The short life of Hereford FC has been an eventful one: winning the Midlands Premier League and the trip to Wembley have been the highlights so far.

And now last season’s success looks to continue with promotion from the Southern League South & West a forgone conclusion.

The atmosphere in the Meadow End is better than it’s been for many years and the high attendances are a million miles away from the dark days of Agombar–Lonsdale.

The vast majority of Hereford United fans have embraced the new club and see it as a continuation of the one destroyed by David Keyte and the London crooks.

But things aren’t all rosey. On internet forums, in pubs and on the terraces there is continuing disquiet about the current regime at the club.

The idea that a Hereford United phoenix would be fan-owned appeared to be supported by a large section of the Edgar Street faithful. If not 100% then at least 51% fan ownership seemed to be the preferred model for the new club. But that is not where we find ourselves now.

Although supporters do have a voice on the board of directors, the current structure appears to be needlessly complex and lacking transparency.

We at the Heckler were involved in the campaign to oust the previous owners and still support the idea of a fan-owned club.

The current HFC constitution does not allow for 100% fan ownership but nothing is impossible, and our victory in winning back Edgar Street from the hands of crooks is testament to that.

To change things in the boardroom those people grumbling about the current regime need to get organised and start a campaign, independent of HUST. We would happily get behind a push for a true fan-owned club.

But simply moaning on internet forums achieves nothing apart from dividing fans at a time when things are on the up for Hereford FC. Either do something or be quiet.

Let’s be honest, when have we ever had a club board that was transparent and supported by fans? Hill, Turner, Keyte, Agombar or Hale. Clearly some were worse than others but none of them will be missed. Because it’s not about them.

If we have learnt nothing else it is that this club is bigger than any individual or group of owners. The club is us, the supporters, and we have been there since 1924 and will be there for a lot longer too.

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