Disabled people targeted by organised criminals

Disabled people across Herefordshire are bracing themselves as the government’s draconian welfare cuts continue to bite. The most vulnerable people in our communities are been targeted by Jesse Norman and his cronies to take the brunt of these cuts.

At the heart of the governments plan is the replacement of the disability living allowance (DLA). This benefit is vital for those with disabilities as it enables them to live independently. Up to 500,000 people across the country will see this funding cut as the spineless toffs in Westminster replace it with Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Those people currently claiming DLA will now have their claims reassessed with eligibility criteria tightened in order to receive the crumbs on offer through PIP.

Politicians were more than happy to take photo opportunities with British Paralympians, but if you are disabled and lack sporting talent Jesse would clearly prefer it if you stayed out of the public eye.

You really are no different from the criminals who target vulnerable people, Jesse. Shame on you and the sheep who voted for you.

For more information visit Disabled People Against the Cuts

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