Cull farmers not badgers

The ‘cost to the taxpayer’ is an phrase regularly used by politicians, mainstream media and the reactionary right. Far be it for the Heckler to use a tool of the Daily (hate) Mail but we think this phrase could be applied to the badger cull which starts today.

With the weight of scientific evidence and public opinion against the cull, perhaps it’s time we used the pro-cull argument against the blood-thirsty landowners who support the cull.

So we put forward our plans today for a cull of farmers. We are not suggesting farmers should be shot in the dead of night. No, but if you use the ‘taxpayers’ argument then you could see the farming industry as a huge drain on the taxpayers purse. So we are calling on an end to all farm subsidies: if they cant make a living on their own then they should join the dole queue like the rest of us.

One of the main arguments for the cull is the cost of dealing with bovine tuberculosis. Well these costs pale into insignificance when compared to the cost of propping up the farming industry.

Let’s face it, the ruling class is dominated by large landowners and the lobbying power of the National Farmers Union is obvious to see when it comes to the badger cull. But why should the taxpayer prop up an unsustainable industry?

It’s time to say NO to farm subsidies. Culling farmers makes good economic sense, doesn’t it?

Hot Air by Birch

Well, no actually!

Clearly this argument ignores the wider picture such as peoples livelyhoods, land ownership or the knock on affect to communities. But the point is, this is the same sort of floored argument used to justify the cull. DEFRA are ignoring all the evidence weighed against the cull. Many farmers are opposed to it (click here). If you think badgers or famers should be culled you need balanced evidence to support your case. Fortunatly there’s no evidence to support either.

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  1. For me, one of the highlights of this year’s Hay Literary Festival was the incomparable Marcus Brigstock. Amongst his high-speed two hour gig was a hilarious riff about bankers. On the tour at a performance in Norwich, he’d asked the audience what they thought of bankers and got the predicatable response – except for one old Norfolk farmer. This was his priceless contribution:-

    “Oh Oi don’t think them’s so bad. I’d leave ’em – ‘cept I’d make ’em all dress as badgers when they goes to work!”

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