County Hospital needs more beds, more staff

County HospitalBosses at the County Hospital called on people to avoid the accident and emergency department in December because of long delays.

And members of the public were again warned of extended A&E waiting in January.

The calls came as the NHS was being put under great strain across the country this winter, with many widely-reported cases of patients having to wait hours in corridors waiting to be seen.

Long delays were also the cause of two deaths at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital in January.

The British Red Cross is now frequently working with the NHS to help relieve the strain and called the situation a “humanitarian crisis”.

The staff do their best with what they’re given but Hereford needs more beds, more doctors, more nurses. So does the rest of the country.

How much longer do we have to wait before the government seriously investments in the NHS? How many more people have to die? Our hospitals can’t cope.

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