Councillors’ expenses revealed: what they claim

Cllr Johnson-1Last week we revealed how councillors were using public money to buy themselves computers.

As part of two freedom of information requests to Herefordshire Council we were sent copies of expenses forms and receipts for the nine councillors we featured in our report.

These documents show what councillors are claiming for as part of their expenses, ranging from petrol and computers to phone calls and food.

Click on the links below to download the PDF files.

Cllr Attwood

Cllr Cutter

Cllr Durkin

Cllr Johnson

Cllr Johnson2

Cllr Lester

Cllr Lloyd-Hayes

Cllr Powers

Cllr Sinclair-Knipe

Cllr Swinford


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One thought on “Councillors’ expenses revealed: what they claim

  1. I have sent a letter to the Hereford Times letters page last week regarding the issue of Leominster town cllr Pauline Davies asking for donations to cover the cost of cleaning the two lion sculptures outside Grange Court. I wrote perhaps cllr Davies should ask her colleague cllr Peter Jones, the incumbent mayor, to forego five weeks of his mayoral expenses (100pw), that would cover the cost. I wont hold my breath waiting for it to be published in the Hereford Times as both Davies & Jones are Tory cllrs!

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