Top council bosses make a fortune whilst we suffer cuts

It’s not only councillors that are ripping us of in this time of crisis, council heads and deputies are also making a killing.


Brockington: the home of anti-social criminals

In January this year the top 13 earners were making a combined £1,255,699 annually.

They are:

• Chief Executive – £145,000

• Director of Corporate Services – £130,000

• Director for People’s Services (Director of Adult Social Services; Director of Children’s Services) – £120,000

• Director for Places and Communities – £120,000

• Director of Public Health £97,478

• Asst. Director to Children and Young People’s Provider Services – £78,231

• Asst. Director to People’s Services Commissioning – £78,231

• Asst. Director to Economic, Environmental and Cultural Services – £76,176

• Asst. Director to Place Based Commissioning – £76,176

• Asst. Director to Homes and Community Services – £76,176

• Asst. Director of Law, Governance and Resilience (Monitoring Officer) – £90,000

• Asst. Director People, Policy and Partnerships – £78,231

• Chief Officer, Finance and Commercial Services – £90,000

Following on from our call that councillors should stop claiming allowances, we think the top earners at the council should take a substantial pay cut. They are not employed in a for-profit enterprise, they are public servants, paid by us to deliver services to us.

The people in these jobs that are continuing to take a wage so offensive as this are nothing short of anti-social.

Their greed hurts the rest of Herefordshire.

One thought on “Top council bosses make a fortune whilst we suffer cuts

  1. Are we all aware of the difference between an elected member of the council and an employed officer of the council because I think there is a grey area in the article.
    Officers pay and conditions are covered by employment law, elected members are not.
    Elected members get an allowance of about £7,500 a year and then it is their choice if they claim out of pocket expenses. Look on Herefordshire Council website for who claims what.

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