Pay to park at work? You must be joking!

Someone over at Brockington’s having a proper laugh. You can probably hear them now.

Alistair Neill: highwayman and all-round bastard

Not only are council staff fearing for their jobs following decisions to cut back services, they’re now being told to pay to park at the place where they work!

What a fucking joke!

From 1 June this year council employees will have to pay to park at Plough Lane, Brockington, Bath Street, and the Shire and Town Halls. A decision that we’re sure will endear Alistair Neill, the new chief exec, to his workers. Is it any wonder Southampton unions were glad to see the back of him!

Neill hopes the parking charge will encourage people to leave the car at home and take greener forms of transport.

Perhaps, Alistair, you could’ve done a deal with a local cycle shop instead and offered discounts to council staff. Bit of an incentive to get a cheap bike, the shop gets increased sales, doesn’t cost the council anything; everyone’s a winner!

As if your average rank-and-file council worker didn’t have enough on their plate already! Now they have to pay for the privilege of bringing a car to work.

We at the Heckler hope that this charge is resisted. Make the bosses spend so much on debt collection agencies that the scheme becomes more hassle than it’s worth.

May we be the first to say: Alistair Neill, fuck off back to Southampton!

4 thoughts on “Pay to park at work? You must be joking!

  1. Hope they’re going to clamp and charge the upstart numpty who parked his limo outside Brockington Towers in the reserved space marked ‘Leader of the Council’. It had one of those stupid chavvish numberplates: M1 JGJ.

  2. At a private councillors briefing meeting this week, Alistair Neill told the audience that Herefordshire was “a council in crisis”.

    Sounds like he’s getting ready to do a Chris Bull runner, after trousering a lovely big cheque!

  3. Alistair Neill is not running Herefordshire Council he’s been on sick leave for at least 18 months possibly longer. Even before going on sick leave it wasn’t possible to speak with Alastair Neill he certainly never responds to emails! The question here is do the Council really need a Chief Exec and who is actually running the ship?

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